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you need to learn Virtual Machines RIGHT NOW!! (Kali Linux VM, Ubuntu, Windows)

NetworkChuck NetworkChuck

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Published 1 year ago

What is a Virtual Machine? Magic...that's what it is!! In this video, NetworkChuck explains what a Virtual Machine is, when you might need one, and how to setup a Kali Linux and Ubuntu VM on Windows 10 with Virtual Box. Virtual Machine Setup --------------------------------------------------- -Download Virtual Box: http://bit.ly/368FS7Z -Download Virtual Box Extension Pack: https://bit.ly/3svvPmV -Kali Linux download: http://bit.ly/39HEE4q -Ubuntu download: http://bit.ly/39DKTpQ 🆘🆘NEED HELP?? Join the Discord Server: http://bit.ly/nc-discord 🔥🔥my Laptop in the video: https://geni.us/9L2vJM5 SUPPORT NETWORKCHUCK --------------------------------------------------- ➡️Become a YouTube Member: https://bit.ly/join_networkchuck ☕OFFICIAL NetworkChuck Coffee: https://NetworkChuck.coffee STUDY WITH ME on Twitch: https://bit.ly/nc_twitch READY TO LEARN?? --------------------------------------------------- -Learn Python: http://bit.ly/2Me22NH -Get your CCNA: https://bit.ly/nc-ccna FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE --------------------------------------------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/networkchuck/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/networkchuck Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetworkChuck/ Join the Discord server: http://bit.ly/nc-discord TIMESTAMPS --------------------------------------------------- 0:00 ⏩ Intro 0:47 ⏩ What is a Virtual Machine? 2:27 ⏩ What is a Hypervisor? (Type 1 vs Type 2) 6:18 ⏩ why you NEED a virtual machine 7:05 ⏩ TUTORIAL - Virtual Machine Setup 7:56 ⏩ *Optional - Support 64bit OS with BIOS change 9:30 ⏩ Download Kali Linux, Ubuntu (Operating Systems) 10:30 ⏩ Install Virtual Box (hypervisor) 11:56 ⏩ Create a Virtual Machine (Kali Linux) 18:32 ⏩ Why Virtual Machines are AWESOME!! 19:19 ⏩ TIPS and TRICKS (Virtual Box) It's time to get your CCNA! --------------------------------------------------- ►Watch the whole course: https://bit.ly/nc-ccna ►CCNA Courseware: http://bit.ly/boson_cw (Boson) (Affiliate) ►CCNA Lab: https://bit.ly/bosonccna2020 (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) ►CCNA Practice Exam: https://bit.ly/bosonexsimccna (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) ►CCNP Lab: https://bit.ly/encornetsim (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) ►CCNP Practice Exam: https://bit.ly/encorexsim (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) other FANTASTIC CCNA training resources: FULL CCNA course: http://bit.ly/2BJazQG ( @David Bombal ) ITProTV: https://bit.ly/itprotvnetchuck 🔥Learn Python🔥 Codecademy: http://bit.ly/3rzZjzz 👊Join thisisIT: https://bit.ly/thisisitio 👊 AFFILIATES & REFERRALS --------------------------------------------------- (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: https://geni.us/L6wyIUj Amazon Affiliate Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/networkchuck Buy a Raspberry Pi: https://geni.us/aBeqAL #virtualmachine #kalilinux #ubuntu
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