❧nightcore - hiding in the blue (1 hour)

Published 2021-08-09

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  • @nillyeg6741
    I didn't go here for ages and I'm sorry but, your songs are always the best in the world!
  • @reehugs9241
    Hi, nice picture and this is a good song. Amazing job like always Cloudy. 💙💙💙
  • @emmadino1807
    When I first got my new phone I couldn’t follow everyone that I follow on my old one so I only followed some then I found you again and I was like “OMG I FORGOT ABOUT MY FAVORITE SONG MAKER” and yes you are my favorite song maker I am following some other music accounts but your the best! ❤️💕🥰
  • Best songs for karaoke no cap also puts you in your feels so you just let loose and go with the music I've been a Nightcore fan since middle School and I'm almost in third year of college so I'm an og of Nightcore fan lol
  • @who7553
    I'm hiding in the 💙
    Safe between the ☁️
    Where I can't be FOUND
  • Yessss a new cloudy vid now I can binge read manga for few hours with 1 hours nightcore songs 😁👍🏻
  • @faeb0w
    someone finally gives credit for the artwork
  • @dagashi8010
    now i can have amazing music and play genshin impact for 4 hours straight :D

    my pity 5 star needs to come soon
  • @morxsiis
    Hi cloudy! It's me your old friend 🖤
    You have been growing so much dang! You are almost at 100k you deserve them ✌️
  • this works with rem and ram in e7xre:zero lol also love the songs some parts sound like the sounds in a game i played long ago so nostalgia lol