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Grace That Covers Even the News | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends

Published 1 year ago

[Monday Morning Podcast, 3/15/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) Download a free copy of Pastor Joel’s new book, “Empowered by His Grace!” https://t.ly/wZh8 Bryan Ross has a new book on E.W. Bullinger! Get it in print and/or on Kindle! In print: https://t.ly/Nan0 | Kindle: https://t.ly/fysv | Video https://t.ly/PNts Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! https://t.ly/uOuH Stock up on hard copies of grace books! Berean Bible Society https://t.ly/EXZA | Grace Publications https://t.ly/PgBI | Dispensational Publishing House https://t.ly/X3tx | Parsons https://t.ly/fPxB | Also, get connected with grace newsletters https://t.ly/5X20 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible https://t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute https://t.ly/R2U9 | or the Tuition-Free Grace Bible Institute in TX https://t.ly/h0Jo List of Grace Churches: https://t.ly/EMb3 Download Joel’s 4,000 Grace Books, Articles, and Charts (4 gigs): https://t.ly/opG3 --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: https://www.facebook.com/david.hayes.790 Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurBlessedHope Parler: https://parler.com/profile/JoelDHayes... Gab: https://gab.com/jdh1101 Minds: https://www.minds.com/joeldhayes/ MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/joelhayes6 Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: https://www.facebook.com/FredBekemeyer Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: https://www.facebook.com/hal.bekemeyer Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: https://www.facebook.com/FellowshipBi... Odysee: https://odysee.com/@FBC_Orlando:d See also: Got Eternal Life? https://www.fellowshipbiblechurchorla... Support the Ministry: https://www.fellowshipbiblechurchorla... Come join us! We’re really friendly. https://www.fellowshipbiblechurchorla... --------------------------------------- Grace Spotlight: Download the details for Brother Marshall’s Conference March 17 & 18: https://t.ly/ST6S March Issue of the Berean Searchlight is out now https://t.ly/kYbH | Download Out of Print Stam Books and Booklets https://t.ly/kYbH | Stam on Our Great Commission https://t.ly/kPjD Ricky Kurth on Conversation Peace: https://t.ly/zHJT Justin Johnson on The Death of Charismatic Pentecostalism https://t.ly/4jdN Christian News: Meanwhile in Hong Kong ... The Tyranny Expands https://t.ly/4ECh N.Y. School: Don't Say 'Mom and Dad' or 'Boys and Girls': Use 'Inclusive Language' https://t.ly/gmZD | California ‘Ethnic Studies’ Proposal Teaches Kids White Christians are Evil, Chant to Aztec gods https://t.ly/7rQD | Tim Keller: Christians Will Be Purged From Govt + Schools, And ‘We Brought It On Ourselves’ https://t.ly/qNbo 'We Lost a Giant in Christian History': Christian Leaders Respond to the Death of Evangelist Luis Palau https://t.ly/Scud | COMMENTARY: Luis Palau was my Boss and Mentor https://t.ly/Xraj |GO Movement Responds to Passing of Evangelist Luis Palau https://t.ly/NKIj WordGo Free Bible Study App Designed to Get People in the Word of God, Keep Them Engaged https://t.ly/3OGZ Pastor creates 'Fearless' series to help women in church find healing after sexual assault https://t.ly/DQ5g Boris Johnson vows to end 'conversion therapy'; MPs attack prayer as harmful, like 'torture' https://t.ly/kN1i Embattled Prophet Jeremiah Johnson Shuts Down Ministry, Starts New One with ‘End-times’ Focus https://t.ly/W4O5 | Charismatic+ Wokeness= Cast out ‘Societal Demons’ That First Showed Up on America’s Shores in 1619 https://t.ly/bZD1 KNOCKOUT: Tommy Hearns Reveals That Boxing Legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler Died In Intensive Care While Fighting The Effects Of COVID-19 Jab https://t.ly/cS4l | Eight European nations pause AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccinations after reports of “serious” blood clot https://t.ly/k88A Let’s Not Assume ‘Christian Vaccine Refusal’ Is A ‘Spiritual Problem’ https://t.ly/B7kl Belfast pastor says he received threats after choosing to reopen church https://t.ly/BepR It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before The Woke Mob Cancels The Bible, So Make Up Your Mind Right Now What Your Response Is Going To Be When It Happens https://t.ly/ifLQ Mob Attacks Christian Worship Service in India with Axes, Stones, and Clubs https://t.ly/DROB A [Wrong Divided] Dialogue Between a Christian and a Jew on Lent https://t.ly/EyVc Bible and Pi? The Origins of 3.14159265… https://t.ly/maV0 | Searching for Biblical Mt. Sinai https://t.ly/MtXZ | Who Are the Nephilim? https://t.ly/bq4a
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