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Published 2022-03-16
Ready for a career that REALLY pays you for your work? Within 1-2 years, you can be there. Work Hard, Play Harder...Become a Nurse. Call Dr. Adkins at 301-960-4950 to get past the TEAS or HESI. AdkinsAcademy.com #teasvi #teas #hesia2 #teasprep #teastest #nurse #nusingschool

CNA to RN, LPN to RN, MA to RN, and ADN to BSN...This is the time to start your career in healthcare as an advanced trained nurse or any other allied health profession you are seeking. Call Dr. Adkins today at 301-960-4950 to get started.

Download Dr. Adkins TEAS & HESI Mastery Quiz for Free TEAS Questions:


Dr. Adkins goes in-depth on Question #1 in this TEAS & HESI Class Video. Learn To Apply not to Memorize. Dr. Adkins goes over the circulatory system for the TEAS or HESI Science section with great clarity and will help you understand the physiology and even pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system. Select the link for that video...

   • TEAS & HESI Maste...  

Join Dr. Adkins LIVE online every Sunday & Wednesday as he goes over TEAS Science, TEAS Reading, TEAS English, & TEAS Math with over 500 Questions that he explains in detail to you. Learn more by calling Dr. Adkins at 301-960-4950.

AdkinsAcademy.com 301-960-4950

View several TEAS Science, TEAS Reading, TEAS Math, & TEAS English videos at    / theadkinsacademyinc  

Dr. Adkins works with TEAS students directly and the classes are live and interactive where you can ask questions and go over real TEAS questions written by Dr. Adkins in real-time live. Classes are LIVE Online every SUNDAY 3pm EST and every WEDNESDAY 6pm EST. Join today.

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Download free TEAS & HESI Mastery Quiz

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