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《天天向上》20210509期:妈妈歌谣大赛!孟佳王霏霏李雪琴带妈妈来参赛! Day Day Up丨MGTV

芒果TV爱豆 MangoTV Idol 芒果TV爱豆 MangoTV Idol

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Published 4 months ago

Want to meet your idol face to face? Take a first look at Sweet Tasks,DownloadMangoTVInternationaltowatchmoreabout:

“Sweet Tasks 2021” Full Version:https://bit.ly/3qbPuWK
“Sweet Tasks 2020” Full Version:http://bit.ly/3aojkAA
“Sweet Tasks”Trailer:http://bit.ly/3ar7G7I

[Show Info]"Sweet Mission" is a variety show created by Mango TV. The show is hosted by Qi Sijun, Li Luer, Zhai Yu, Zhang Fang, Zhao Zhaoyi and Feng Qing. Airing weekly , Celebrities as Guest will come on and complete "sweet tasks"

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