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Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds - 8 Hours

Calmed By Nature Calmed By Nature

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Published 2 years ago

Enjoy a cup of coffee in this Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience with relaxing jazz music, rain sounds, and other ambient coffee shop background noises. Bring a book, your work, or fall asleep with this relaxing ambience video. Watch the heavy rain outside the windows and listen to the soothing sounds of smooth jazz playing in the background. This relaxation video is 8 hours long so you can play it all day while you work or through the full night if you plan to use this as a cafe sleep ambience video. Listen closely and you will hear subtle ambient cafe sounds like hushed conversation and clinking dishes from the other coffee shop customers. #CalmedByNature #CoffeeShopAmbience ☕ CAFE AMBIENCE Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMer7... 🦉👋 Hello relaxed person reading my video description! Want to support me? I put at least 30 to 40 hours of work (and love) into each video I create (all original artwork, animations, sounds) to ensure the highest quality and most creative videos I am capable of. It is a labor of love but if you enjoy my work and art please consider supporting in one of these ways: ☕💵 DONATE: Want to buy me a coffee? http://paypal.me/calmedbynature 👕 STORE (original designs by me): https://www.youtube.com/c/calmedbynat... ------------- 🦉🌿 Calmed By Nature creates audiovisual experiences for quality sleep, deeper focus, and calming relaxation. From beautiful natural landscapes to magical cozy spaces, our videos will transport you to variety of creative locations to stimulate your senses and ease your mind. 👉 Subscribe for a new video every Sunday: https://bit.ly/2Uv7TkE ©️ Created by Calmed by Nature 2020. Reuse of audio/video not permitted.
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