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[ATEEZ] STUDY WITH ATEEZ!! (zoom ver.) | +soft atz bgm playlist | 에이티즈 | 와 함께 공부하세요 에이티즈 !!

Alea Alyssa Alea Alyssa

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Published 9 months ago

POV:You're on a zoom call w/ ATEEZ but you can't join them chatting until your work is done. (hehehehehe)

Hello there ATINY!! :3

First of all I want to address that this is not an original idea of mine. I saw 엔투빙 [N2BING] video where they made a BTS version of it and I was inspired to make one for ATEEZ. But this video is mine, I made it from scratch TT. And because of this, I apologise because the video editing and quality is not as good as N2BING's video. But the audio playlist is from halstetic on YouTube. Credits to them for making the playlist :) And of course I don't own any of the audio here, it is all ATEEZs work.

I originally made this video for myself to study with but I thought it would be more fun to share it with all ATINYs :)) I hope this video can help us stay focused and complete our tasks for the day with ATEEZs company by side (hehehe)

Maybe in the future I will make other versions so drop your suggestion below :)

That's all from me, enjoy your study session with the boys!!

_____________ t i m e s t a m p s _______________

00:00​- Better
3:35​- Sunrise
6:56​- With U
10:33​- Thank U
13:54​- Dazzling Light
17:04​- Utopia
21:05​- One Day At A Time
24:30​- Fever
27:57​- Thank U
31:16​- My Way
35:03​- Light
38:42​- Mist
42:04​- Horizon
45:15​- Star 1117
48:55​- If Without You
52:19​- Promise
55:34​- Dancing Like Butterfly Wings
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