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☾ [ BTS ASMR ] study w/ namkook at a chill cafe in seoul [ w/ soft bgm from their playlists ] ✧・゚:*

joonpiter joonpiter

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Published 1 year ago

henlooo !!!

ik many of you are stuck studying/working at home. some of you guys probably miss studying with ur friends or being at ur fav cafe/cubicle at the library during times when that might not be possible for u rn. or maybe u jus wanna get away bc it's harder for you to focus at home or maybe you thrive better in a certain environment with certain ppl.

whatever it is,,, this vid is for you !! : )

when i saw kamakshi 2003's request, i thought it'd be a brilliant idea to make a study w me feat. namkook as ur friends !! they also requested i add some music so i decided to create a cafe ambience as well by adding some cafe sounds + rly soft music in the background (( nothing too loud/intrusive to ur studying, hopefully !! )). that way, it'll feel like you're at your fav spot, jus working away. it's also been a pretty long time since i last made a simple asmr vid, so i hope you guys enjoy this one. :D

anw, i won't take up any more of your time. gl and happy studying !! : )
rmr not to overwork yourself and to take breaks whenever you need to. ♡

you matter most,
joonpiter ☾

p.s. the songs used were either recommended/covered by namkook, or featured in their lives !! some old, some new. i tried to add a good mix of genres for everyone to enjoy while also making sure they were mellow enough to fit the cafe feeeels. all song titles + their artists are also listed at the top left corner throughout the vid. : )

p.p.s. if you haven't seen it yet, this is the og vid !!

if you're still reading this, hi !! ik i haven't been gone for long but sometimes it feels like that to me idk. right now, it's been hard for me to get working on some edits i've pushed to the side while jus dealing w life in general, u kno? do you ever feel like that too? pushing aside things u need/want to get done but jus not having the motivation to do them?


anw, i miss you and i care for you. this is a gentle reminder that you're never alone in how u feel in all of this. you can stay w me at the bottom of this description box for a bit. and then, whenever ur ready, we can face whatever we hafta face, together. deep breaths first ♡
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