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Open Chat Funkedelic Friday! | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends

Published 1 year ago

[Friday Morning Podcast, 4/15/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) Download a free copy of Pastor Joel’s new book, “Empowered by His Grace!” https://t.ly/wZh8 Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! https://t.ly/uOuH Stock up on grace books! Berean Bible Society https://t.ly/EXZA | Forgotten Truths https://t.ly/fgCt | Dispensational Publishing House https://t.ly/X3tx | Parsons Publishing https://t.ly/fPxB | Also, get connected with grace newsletters https://t.ly/5X20 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible https://t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute https://t.ly/R2U9 | or the tuition-free Grace Bible Institute in TX https://t.ly/h0Jo List of Grace Churches: https://t.ly/EMb3 Download Joel’s 4,200+ Grace Books, Articles, and Charts (5 gigs): https://t.ly/opG3 --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: https://t.ly/PaTC Twitter: https://t.ly/dle9 Parler: https://t.ly/Nv57 Gab: https://t.ly/XFQh Minds: https://t.ly/xeDN MeWe: https://t.ly/OWcF Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: https://t.ly/2XXl Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: https://t.ly/iGhO Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: https://t.ly/OEFS Odysee: https://t.ly/ZrhH From the FBC Website: Got Eternal Life? https://t.ly/EHSR Support the Ministry: https://t.ly/bJCr Come join us! We’re really friendly. https://t.ly/VmxM --------------------------------------- Grace Articles: Shawn Brasseaux Spiritual Cardiosclerosis #2 https://t.ly/lPqr Stam on An Indisputable Fact https://t.ly/FXWH | BBS is Having a Sale on the Revelation Commentaries https://t.ly/UZ7u A Few Grace Messages: David Reid on Age of Accountability pt. 1 https://t.ly/Yn2s | pt. 2 https://t.ly/eUe5 | pt. 3 https://t.ly/MTp2 Bryan Ross on Biblical Principles for the Reserved Text pt. 1 https://t.ly/m9Pg | pt. 2 https://t.ly/8XAu Randy White https://t.ly/ZLK4 Brandon Smith on Satan, pt. 11 https://t.ly/QSv2 Joel on Defending our Liberties https://t.ly/epbQ Freddie Bear on Water Baptism https://t.ly/aIYv Christian News: Federal Court Issues Commonsense Win for Campus Religious Group at Wayne State https://t.ly/APcb | 3rd-grader told to remove 'Jesus loves me' face mask https://t.ly/GewP | Religious Education step closer to including non-religious 'worldviews' https://t.ly/3hrj | Jerry Falwell Jr.'s son no longer employed by Liberty U months after father resigned https://t.ly/kRBM | Christian coalition writes to headteachers over RSE concerns https://t.ly/qgjc A Theology of Free Speech https://t.ly/24vc Now Pfizer And Biden White House Says People Should Prepare For Yearly Vaccine ‘Booster’ Shots In Order To Be ‘Fully Protected’ https://t.ly/MTqM | 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC https://t.ly/TQKy | Denmark Drops AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Amid Reports of Blood Clots https://t.ly/siGz | 142 Fully Vaccinated People in Houston Test Positive for COVID-19 https://t.ly/7fgo Author Nick Cole Claims Major Hollywood Studio Told Him They “Wouldn’t Produce Content For White, Christian, Trash” https://t.ly/5rgH | Amazon reverses ban on book helping parents rescue kids from transgenderism after pushback https://t.ly/0xtW Pro-Life Activist Was Nearly Aborted https://t.ly/cHLz 78 Percent of Practicing Christians Say They Usually Feel Inspired after Worshipping God: Survey https://t.ly/j4TZ Matt Chandler Compares BLM Leaders to Prophets, Calls Protests “Christian Inheritance” https://t.ly/wtj3 | Demi Lovato cut her hair in order to free herself of 'gender and sexuality norms' imposed by Christianity https://t.ly/23BZ Association of Disciples: Two Making Red Cross Flags Arrested in Hunan https://t.ly/QSQi | North Korean Christians endure another year of worship to country's 'living god' on founder's birthday https://t.ly/jZcc Egyptian “Lost Golden City” Uncovered Near Luxor https://t.ly/bzME
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