hyperpop playlist that makes your DREAMS BECOME TRUE NIGHTMARE ~ kenkills playlist

Published 2021-12-25
#kenkills #huggywuggy #hyperpop

♥️ charac†er: Huggy Wuggy
♥️ game: Poppy Playtime



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✨ l_i_k_e a_n_d s_u_b_c_r_i_b_e t_o s_e_e m_o_r_e o_f t_h_i_s ✨


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All Comments (21)
  • arpaige_io
    playlist !! happy holidays or if its not a holiday when ur reading this have a dope day !! right click to loop !!

    0:01-3:32 : gasolina remix by hatsume miku
    3:33-4:49 : sugarcrash! by elyotto
    4:50-6:39 : money machine by 100gecs
    6:40-9:00 : masquerade by siouxxie
    9:01-11:51 : tokyo (arigato nya ichi ni san) by leat'eq
    11:52-14:20 : all I want is you by rebzyyx
    14:21-17:27 : notice me by moe shop
    17:28-21:10 : breezeblocks by alt-j
    21:11-22:51 : the cops by elyotto
    22:52-25:44 : love taste by moe shop
    25:45-27:02 : teeth! by ely otto
    27:03-29:52 : 4 morant (I can't handle rejection) by doja cat
    29:53-32:54 : when i rule the world by liz
    32:55-34:46 : i'd rather sleep by kero kero bonito
    34:47-39:22 : suck it up by maretu (ft. hatsune miku)
    39:23-40:52 : ?
    40:53-42:56 : fml u f*cked me up by rebyzyyx
    42:57-45:16 : let go :( by elyotto
    45:17-47:14 : profane by elyotto
    47:15-the end : gomen ne, gomen ne by hatsume miku and the outro
  • _Ali_
    а у вас тоже мечты становятся настоящей ночной коробкой?
  • Maria Duero
    such a lovely playlist and the songs are actually different from other hyper pop playlists I’ve listened to in the past, so I’m happy that I dint have to listen to the same songs every single time lol! and happy late holidays and happy new year!
  • Такой плейлист энергичный , сразу двигаться хочется . Я блин даже зарядку поделала , жаль только , что со мной никто из домашних не захотел :(
  • I love hyperpop and this playlist! Great job! Also Merry Christmas/ Happy new years💕✨🎄
  • szvvq

    in school we used to have these smiling french fries...i loved them. i seriously ate them slowly so they would last longer
    they sadly dont make them anymore ):
  • Kempie
    Хорошо, делайте мои мечты ночной коробкой
  • Noynikal
    я под этот плейлист ночью зубы чистить встаю всем советую очень расслабляет
  • vitoriamartins
    Feliz natal e um próspero ano novo
    E boa tarde Kenkills 💟❤
  • Sugerpie1117
    I'm sorry but this playlist hits way too hard. I LOVE ITTT
  • kasu_daa
    Thanks for the playlist! I can finally focus with my schoolwork with this :D
  • Czemu tytul stał się prawdą w moim przypadku? A tak wgl to kocham tą playliste 😭🙏 to chyba pierwszy polski kanał jaki znalazłam tu na yt i który robi zajebiste playlisty 💞💞💞💞💞
  • T0ko-chXn
    this is like the 5th time im listening to this playlist and im just in love with it- it has most of my fav songs in it which makes it even better! totally deserves a like :D
  • I really like how this playlist is so more different then the other playlists!
  • я лина
    АААААААААААААА этот плейлист замечательный уже 7 раз его слушаю.
  • Just_Me
    listening to this to cover the sound of my parents fighting!! love the playlist😆
  • When I listen to this song, I fall into a dream, I love all your songs, great, thank you❤️❤️❤️
  • GrandpaBC
    i blasted this into my ears, my ears hurt but i it was rlly worth it.