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Day Day Up 20191117 —— Wang Yibo Reveals The Worst Love Songs In His Heart【MGTV English】

Published 1 year ago

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Day Day Up FULL(Eng Sub):http://bit.ly/2RhvHaj
Day Day Up FULL:http://bit.ly/2SsNOYJ

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Day Day Up FULL(Eng Sub):http://bit.ly/2RhvHaj

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Who's The Murderer S5 FULL:http://bit.ly/2PUe4gc
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Meeting Mr. Right燬2 FULL:http://bit.ly/2C6msBf
Sing Or Spin FULL:http://bit.ly/2JoOSdE
Wild Kitchen S2 FULL: http://bit.ly/33RqR7k
WHEN I GROW UP FULL:http://bit.ly/2PyQghB
Day Day Up FULL:http://bit.ly/2SsNOYJ
Happy Camp FULL:http://bit.ly/2s0q3vm
Dream Space S2 FULL:http://bit.ly/2pv90nD
Chinese Restaurant S3 FULL:http://bit.ly/2WDWPRm
Back To Field S3 FULL:http://bit.ly/2o7OI2L
Meeting Mr. Right燜ULL:http://bit.ly/32F8OjQ
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My Dearest Ladies FULL:http://bit.ly/2JgJhWO
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Mr. & Mrs. FULL:http://bit.ly/2W6h2is
Welcome Newlife FULL:http://bit.ly/35WXn9y
Master In The House FULL:http://bit.ly/2BjrsBT
My Brilliant Masters FULL:http://bit.ly/2OTGxSI

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Day Day Up is a popular Chinese talk show broadcast on the Hunan Television. The show is co-hosted by Wang Han, Da Zhang Wei, Qian Feng, Wang Yibo. It has drawn great attention from the public especially student groups and other young people for its humor, style, and the public figures who appear as guests.
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