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How to Make Oak Table. Modern Coffe table.


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Published 3 months ago

In this video we will show step by step how to make an oak coffee table. It will be interesting unlike other tables in its design. I think such a table would be interesting for making in small workshops or garages who have basic carpentry tools. We are always asked what software we use to design our furniture. We will show you how we make a table, from furniture design to wax oil finish. And so, first of all, we use a ruler, compasses and pencils to design our future table. We want to use this table both for reading magazines and books, and for working with a laptop. We made this drawing on 6mm plywood. After that, we cut out our template with an electric jigsaw. And then we sanding to the exact dimensions and smooth lines on the drum sander . Once the template is ready, we cut our white oak on a circular saw into blanks close to the size of the template. After that, we transfer our template to the finished oak blanks and use a band saw to cut out the main details of our table. We adjust all the sides that will join each other in the future to the right angle on the mitre saw. More interesting work follows, this is the marking of domino dowels. Domino by Festool is my favorite tool in the workshop. He is not cheap, but he does his job one hundred percent. For those who do not have dominoes, you can use 12mm dowels and a jig for them. This will be a cheaper option that also works. You just need to use them as much as possible. After that, we fix the template to the workpiece with super glue and process it on a copy cutter. We use sanding paper 120-2000 grit. And for the top coat, we use Osmo wax oil. After the second layer, we polish the surface. Hope you enjoy this table. Happy viewing to you. Bosch is running a promotion: until April 30, 2022, you need to purchase a woodworking tool, register a receipt on the promo site and participate in the prize draw. Among them: tool sets of 6 and 8 units. All details on the promo site: https://boschwood-promo.com/ Лицензия Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 на использование трека Opus One (исполнитель: Audionautix): https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Исполнитель: http://audionautix.com/
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