Lights Are On - Tom Rosenthal 1 Hour シ

Published 2021-07-01

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  • Ash
    I can listen to this song for the rest of my life and never get bored of it
  • yahli yakuel
    Dear person whoever reads this,

    Hey, you, yes, I am talking right to you. I hope you will see yourself with the eyes I see you one day, because I can tell you have some awesome music taste :) You’re such a beautiful human being and worth and enough. I hope you know that you do only need yourself to be happy, I know society build up the standard that whenever you’re alone you’re not living a happy live. But in fact that is not true, if you start to realize that you actually deserve all the good things happening to you, you will treat yourself a lot nicer. I hope you let yourself rest, don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes, over regret, and over everything your mind wants to destroy you. I wish I could remove all those demons inside of your head because you deserve to feel happy. If you ever feel lonely then watch the sky, because you know, someone, at the same time is watching the sky too, maybe feeling the same way..I am glad you exist and I hope you won’t ever remove your own spot in this world, maybe you don’t feel like you belong here but, Angel, then build your home here. I don’t want you to leave this world unhappy. I want you to live every little second, I want you to feel alive, I don’t want you to see yourself just existing. You deserve it. Whatever happened, it’s not your fault, the demons in your head recognize that you have a beautiful heart, they want to take it because they have never seen such beautiful heart as yours, so why let them win over you? . You’re not selfish for isolating yourself, but you deserve to talk to someone. If you’re reading this than please never forget to breath and smile.

    Don’t live up to other standards! It’s your story and not theirs.

    Life for those who couldn’t, smile for those who forgot what a genuine smile is, love like there’s no other, hug like its your last one.

    I love you and send you hugs.

    You’re so strong, you’re still here, and I am proud of you.






    You’re not a burden to anyone, don’t be afraid to talk, to use your voice.

    You’re beautiful inside out.



    It hurts me to see you’re in pain :( you deserve so much man, don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t let them get the best of you.

    I love u I love u I love u I love u I love u please don’t go.

    I am sorry that no one is hearing you, I am sorry no one is noticing that you have lost yourself. I wish I could take your pain away, it hurts me to see the pain in your eyes. I love you trough my words and I mean it. I just want you to stay, hold on a little longer okay? Please? For me.??

    I hope you have an awesome day/ morning/ evening/ night.

    If it’s night for you, go to sleep, I know it’s hard to fall asleep right now but you deserve a good sleep. If you have nightmares, please, don’t let them fight you.

    If it’s day for you, don’t start it by such sad music, I know it’s impossible to have a good day with such mindset but take baby steps, start by drinking two cups of water in the morning and so on.. You will start building little healthy habits.

    If it’s evening for you, you’re probably overwhelmed and stressed, I want you to know it’s okay to feel the way you feel. You don’t need to be scared, of course you’re overwhelmed or stressed, I mean who wouldn’t? But it’s important to know that when you feel that way you should do a little self care, such as taking a bath for example? You deserve to feel at ease and relaxed.

    And if you are somewhere in between I hope you know that you’re stronger than you think, I know you will make it :)

    All I want for you is to stay and feel alive.

    Now wipe those tears away and smile for me, you really don’t know much a smile can brighten someone’s day, do you? I hope one day yours will become a genuine one where you don’t need to fake it anymore, because I can’t say this enough, you deserve a good smile and to feel alive. You’re worth more than every fucking cent in this world.

    I need you here with me :).

    Remember crying is not weakness, let it out as much as you can but don’t let the emotion control you by giving up. It’s okay, you’re here, you’re safe, you can let it out.

    Did anyone asked you, how you are feeling today? If not, how are you really? I don’t think you’re doing good, but you will feel good at one point. Don’t give yourself up.

    And anyone who gets to be with you, doesn’t know how fucking lucky he/ she/ they is :).

    Enough with beating up yourself for today, okay?!

    - The stranger that cares about you more than anything.

    I hope this is enough for you to stay today, tomorrow will be a new day, a new start, let go now. I hope you can stay.

    I hope you will remember my words- becho :)
  • Be proud of yourself.
    You went through every type of pain, family issues, trust issues, heartbreak, insecurities, depression, etc. You went through it all alone, but never gave up
  • Autumn
    This song makes me sad and I don’t know why, now I’m using it to cry and fall asleep. Thanks for the long version :)
  • hello, if you’re reading this then i just wanted to let you know how proud of you i am. i know things are tough right now and your going through things that you don’t deserve but i’m here to let you know that i’m so so so proud of you. i know right now you may be upset and i am sorry you feel that way whoever hurt you is a bad person and you don’t deserve that at all. to all of you who have people who don’t understand i’m proud of you all of you because despite having to ignore how you feel or people subsiding your feelings you took care of yourself. for those who constantly worry or mock your appearance you’re beautiful we’re all different and you’re you but you’re also the most amazing person i’ve ever seen look at how strong you are. for those who feel the need to not eat to make themselves look better your perfect the way you are trust me those mean things people say is out of jealousy who wouldn’t want to be you. for those of you who have mean friends i am so sorry you deserve so much better you’re so strong and i hope in the future you get the friends you deserve. and for those who have lost someone please do not blame yourself, they love you and they are watching you and taking care of you i know how hard it is without them but live your best life for them it would make them happy , i know right now it’s hard but you’ll find your way eventually. to all of you, i am so proud of you for still being here look how far you’ve come all these demons you suppressed all these people you ignored and your still here your heart beating. i may be a stranger behind a screen but i know you need this and that’s why i’m here. i know it may be hard to get out of bed right now, to shower, to brush your teeth or to do anything but that’s okay right now your struggling just remember that’s okay. you’re messy room? that’s totally okay we all have bad times. i’m sorry for those of you who feel they can’t go outside because maybe they are scared of for any other reason. please don’t limit yourself from things you deserve, you all deserve happiness, you all deserve love, you all deserve everything. you deserve to eat that food. you deserve to treat yourself. it may be hard but you deserve that shower. the way you feel makes me sad, if i could take away all those horrible feelings i would. the way you see yourself in that mirror, how you question your appearance, how you beat yourself up that really upsets me. you are perfect and i know you really don’t want to listen to that but if you could see yourself the way i see you, you would be amazed. your friends don’t find you annoying, you don’t look bad, ugly or anything you tell yourself those are your demons. and you are the STRONGEST person i know. your still here, your fighting those demons, and i know how hard it is for you right now but you’re stronger than you know you can beat them and you already have. now treat yourself. do anything that makes you happy or makes you feel better. have that nice warm relaxing bath. watch that tv show that you adore. eat that food that makes you happy. surround yourself with the people who bring out the best you. and please look after yourself. remember you are loved even if you don’t feel it, and i love you i may be a stranger but it’s true whoever is reading this you deserve everything. please don’t beat yourself up and fight those demons. you have come incredible far and that is what makes you amazing. you did this on your own and brought yourself here where you are now, it was you who got yourself through it. for those of you who need a friend to be there for you i’m always here you can speak to me and remember how much you deserve. think of something you love, maybe a favourite colour? mine is actually blue, so whenever you look up to the sky or see the perfect shade anywhere i hope your reminded of me and remind yourself of everything i told you. thankyou for taking your time to read this and remember you deserve everything. for those of you who are reading this at night, get some rest i know you’re tired or upset but trust me you deserve it. for those of you who it is midday maybe something has happened if you’re listening to this but whatever it is dont let them ruin your day. and for those of you listening to this is the morning dont start of your day like this maybe think of a happier song a song that makes you feel pretty a song that makes you happy a song that reminds you of someone. and for those who just like this song, take care of yourself <3

    have a nice day,

    you deserve everything and nothing less.

    if any of you need anything i’m here, if you want to speak to me just reply and i’ll give you a form of my socials.

  • Sydney Spooner
    my cousin used to sing and play this song all the time when she was sad until she committed suicide a couple months ago, and now its become my comfort song when im sad or thinking about her. so thank you for posting a hour version so i dont have to keep restarting it constantly
  • LANG Fang
    Music is always there for you even when your at the lowest..
  • EgoisaphoenixVODS
    I know not everyone wants to keep hearing about the same event over and over again but ever since the passing of our dear online friend technoblade, this song has reminded me of him. It reminds me that people you see on tv or people with high expectations arent perfect, they arent heartless robots or anything of the sort. These famous people are real people and things impact them the exact same way we are impacted by things. It makes me think of how hard the death of technoblade must have hit his friends, siblings, parents, animals, etc. Hearing the lines "I dont think you have much time" from his own father must have been the worst thing. Technoblade had been fighting cancer for a year or more and he was just happy he had made enough money for his siblings to go to college. Technoblade was an honest kind hearted person who was taken to soon. Fly high king.

    Alexander 1999 - 2022
  • Laura Wagner
    the fact that my mans tom can sing this all the way through and not burst out crying..
  • tubbo
    I can never get this song on my head without crying
  • lucien
    Lights are on lyrics

    God stood me up
    And I don't know why
    Lights are on
    But nobody's home
    There ain't no love like our love
    There ain't no love like our love
    Like our love, love, love, love, love
    Let the last worms go
    And roll in tonight
    Don't wake us up
    We got nothing for you
    There ain't no love like our love
    There ain't no love like our love
    Like our love, love, love, love, love
    Build us a door
    And rest here with me
    Lights are on
    But nobody's home
    There ain't no love like our love
    There ain't no love like our love
  • Erm_76
    When I first listened to song this morning- I quite literally sobbed. My dance team is using this as a song to compete for dance and the line “there ain’t no love like our love” hits because I have known my team for 5 or 6 years now, some people more then that. I love these people with all my heart- I think of them as kind of a family in a sense. But the thought of leaving them hurts my so much. We have such a strong relationship and they were my first real friends. I can be myself around them and we always have each other’s back. I don’t want to leave them, but I have to. This song incapsulates my feelings in such a sense I can’t describe. At least have I some time left with them, but I’ll always come back to this song. It just reminds me of my team and our moments together.
  • Jasmin Wilson
    "God stood me up....and I don't know why" one of the trust statements....
  • Dylan badbitch
    This gives me late night drive/early morning train vibes, i’d listen to this and never get bored of it. Never.
  • Mars’ Melody
    This is my favorite song by Tom Rosenthal. I can listen to this song all day everyday on repeat and never get tired of it. Thank you! ❤️❤️
  • melissa.007
    been crying all christmas eve and christmas day and listening to this song makes me sob even harder but it’s helping me let out everything i have bottled up for the longest time now.
  • Annabel LeeZ
    this song reminds me of my dog who passed away may 1st. It felt like God stood me up that dad honestly
  • Emma Hartung
    God, I don't know how much more of this I can take
  • Milky
    I listened to this song while talking to my mom about how I was feeling. It was the first time and now I’m gonna get the help I need to fight against this depression, so thanks for you video, it really helped me:)

    Now I just hope I will get better