【EP11】英文传声筒难倒沈腾?杨澜马东挑战播报不NG 华晨宇关晓彤首次唱跳合作!《王牌对王牌6》FULL 20210409[浙江卫视官方HD]

Published 2 months ago

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The original cast of "Ace vs. Ace S6" returns this season. "Ace vs. Ace" is an indoor reality show launched by Zhejiang Satellite TV. Each episode focuses on a theme and invites an Ace team. The ace team winner is determined through game competitions.
#ShenTeng​ #JiaLing​ #HuaChenYu​ #GuanXiaoTong​ composition MC“Ace family”。
#ShenTao​ host,#SongYaXuan​ As a young ace!
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