Relaxing songs on the free day - Soul R&B Music Playlist - Best soul of the time

Published 2021-12-15
Relaxing songs on the free day - Soul R&B Music Playlist - Best soul of the time

00:00 Better Kind of Bitter - Peachy Pavement
03:15 Choose Me - spring gang
06:36 Know About Us - Sionya
10:10 Back to Where We Started - Fictions
13:23 Work Things Out - Gloria Tells
16:32 I'll Be Missing Your Love - Stonekeepers
20:57 Come Clean - Gloria Tells
24:31 Do Me Right - Wildson
28:59 Pull Me Closer - Deanz
32:05 You'll Be Fine - spring gang
35:14 I Got Doubts - spring gang
34:58 Say It Again - spring gang
41:48 Love! - Gloria Tells
45:07 Give Me Your Love - spring gang
48:33 What We Got - Terin Ector
52:06 More Than Just a Fling - spring gang
55:20 Until It's Over - spring gang
58:39 Just a another melody - Gloria Tells
01:02:09 Can't Make Up My Mind - Gloria Tells
01:05:18 In Vain - Romaro
01:08:48 Spirit of the Season - Jesse Lawrence
01:12:28 Be Free - Sylvia Peyton
01:15:41 Forever and Now - Katnip
01:18:45 Will We Be Enough - spring gang
01:22:16 And Then I Wake Up - spring gang
01:25:49 Delusional - spring gang
01:29:24 Look at You - Snake City
01:32:28 Even Though It Hurts - King Sis
01:35:38 I Deserve Better - spring gang
01:38:44 Grow - Gloria Tells

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All Comments (21)
  • Sofhia Bicigo
    Eu preciso dessa playlist no Spotify pra ontem
  • Maria Cosmel
    Melhor playlist para meu dia hoje, que foi pesado, cansativo... ouvindo essas músicas flutuei, fiquei mais leve e bem melhor do que estava me sentido antes. Gratidão por essa seleção! Salvei nos favoritos. ❤️
  • emy :D
    Eu ameeei. combinação muito harmoniosa e gostosa de ouvir <3
  • Cynthia Muthogi
    This playlist. The songs, the flow, the vocals and the VIBE!!! I can never.
  • May Sena
    Sinto-me muito bem ouvindo Soul. Parece que faz bem pra alma, deixa mais leve. Amei a lista! 💜
  • Soul 24h
    I hope everyone reading this comment is doing well during these strange times. I wish you all the best, good luck and stay healthy!

    ps. I love that kind of sound. It's been helping me fall asleep for years and helps to relieve stress. Thank you very much!
  • Séverin Busime
    I love these good vibes. Listening to your playlists day after day 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    ❤️ it!
    This mix is so dope. I feel so calm and relaxed. I get so much work done vibing to this. Thank you 😊
  • Mikael Wagner
    I love Soul Deep, it puts me in the most chilled and relaxed mood any time of the day when I need to stop the madness. Thank you so much.
  • A lovely selection that can really put you in a calm and focused mood. I enjoy listening while taking walks or in a flow while working.
  • Caio Alves
    não sei vocês, mas eu me sinto muito massa ouvindo Soul por conta da elegância e sensualidade das músicas
  • Tilisa Kay
    I absolutely LOVE this. So smooth, not thinking of anything. Just enjoying the nice vibe! Thank you for sharing!
  • I'm working overtime alone, I have tons to do and the deadline is approaching real fast. But thanks to this playlist, it makes me relax and I can work comfortably. Thanks for whoever made this! It really makes me happy
  • IamAsia_Perez
    This is so relaxing 😌 thank you for this playlist ❤️😩 it’s a VIBE
  • empiirik
    Very soothing and enjoyable playlist. Lovely vibes. Kudos!
  • This is perfect for people who just need to feel relaxed. Beautiful work! And I Thank You for sharing your gift with the World 💜
  • Phoenix Lab
    I love the ambiance of this playlist, makes me relax, cozy, sexy and spirited at the same time