The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

Published 2021-05-28
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All Comments (21)
  • Imagine bullying your short Corsican classmate and a few years later he becomes your country’s emperor. Yikes.
  • oversimplified is the only thing that can replace literally the entire video with jokes and still have you learn everything about the topic
  • @runningben4477
    Napoleon is the definition of "Never let them know your next move"
  • @jacobjones7531
    Imagine being around 40, an emperor, commanding small ranks that destroy everything, and winning it all
  • @juanarocha8629
    Fun history fact: Simon Bolivar was present when Napoleon crowned himself.

    Seems like a cool crossover
  • Napoleon wasn’t actually average height at the time, in fact, he was actually above average on most accurate sources.
  • @lazydinoyt199
    Respect for Napoleons mom for pushing out an entire army
    Edit: why just why
  • @Clune84
    The internal monologue reaction when France declares war still makes me laugh on public transport. And I've watched this video literally dozens of times. Oversimplified is a comic genius.
  • I love how Oversimplified likes to underestimate his viewers everytime he says "you". At the same time, he's very accurate!
  • @perfectrin207
    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

    -Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Time stamps in this video were:
    - 00:33 "... and here comes he rest of the army now."
    - 01:00 Start of the Napoleonic Wars
    - 01:28 Corsica proclaiming independence
    - 01:37 France invades Corsica (Napoleon born, 1769)
    - 02:18 Napoleon in Paris
    - 02:23 Napoleon goes to military school in France
    - 03:14 Made 2nd lieutenant in the artillery regiment
    - 03:29 Rise up the ranks
    - 03:56 French society was just too closed off
    - 04:11 French Revolution
    - 04:40 Army of the Interior
    - 05:22 Napoleon and his married life
    -06:14 "The rest of us are monarchies!"
    - 06:46 War of the First Coalition (1792 - 1797)
    - 07:22 Army he was given demoralized
    - 07:51 Battle Of Lodi (10 May 1796)
    - 08:50 Peace treaty of Vienna
    - 09:18 Napoleon in Egypt
    - 09:40 Battle of the Nile (1 Aug 1798)
    - 10:03 Return to Paris
    - 10:42 Approached by another influential politician
    - 11:16 Château de Saint-Cloud
    - 12:16 1 year earlier in Egypt
    - 12:20 France was in France, being France
    - 12:41 "Sacre bleu!"
    - 12:49 War of the Second Coalition (1799 - 1802)
    - 13:01 France, got blasted
    - 14:08 Battle of Marengo (14 June 1800)
    - 14:54 Second League of Armed Neutrality (1800 - 1801)
    - 15:00 Battle of Copenhagen (2 April 1801)
    - 15:27 "Because they use NordVPN!"
    - 15:59 Nord Brothers
    - 16:36 "... and Europe at peace."
    - 17:12 New National bank for France (Banque de France)
    - 18:15 Restoration of the church
    - 18:49 The French Revolution is over, Napoleon adds, "I am the revolution."
    - 19:28 'Should Napoleon be Emperor?'
    - 19:37 Napoleon is the Emperor of the French
    - 20:23 "What the hell is going on?"
    - 22:00 War of the Third Coalition (1803 - 1806)
    - 23:45 Alexander I
    - 24:22 Battle of Austerlitz (2 Dec 1805)
    - 27:09 War of the Fourth Coalition (1806 - 1807)
  • @ayushtyagi7469
    Napolionic wars were basically the last major in human history where tactics were more important than technology.
  • @elijahwest7236
    I love the the fact that France is spreading its revolutionary ideas and then Russia, Austria, Britain have sledgehammers, and the kingdom of Naples has a nail gun. Very genius idea to put those tools into a video.
  • @TheStickman419
    I absolutely love this video man, Napoleon is my favourite historical figure.
    Doing a full documentary on him and the Napoleonic wars is amazing
  • @jonmajarucon51
    This takes so much more work than extensive documentaries and stock footage or photos. Excellent. Your work and creativity are greatly appreciated. the humor is clever and quick
  • Let’s be honest, this is what we all wanted from OverSimplified