Aurora "Runaway" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

Published 2020-11-16
The only thing more surprising that the pure authenticity and enormous creativity of Aurora is that she has yet to be slapped across every major billboard and music publication in existence. She's been a budding superstar since age 11, when she first wrote this song.

Join professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, as she listens to Aurora for the first time, performing "Runaway” at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.
Performed by Aurora Aksnes - Words and Music by Aurora Aksnes
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Elizabeth Zharoff is an international opera singer and voice coach, with 3 degrees in voice, opera, and music production. She's performed in 18 languages throughout major venues in Europe, America, and Asia. Currently based somewhere between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona, Elizabeth spends her days researching voice, singing, teaching, writing music, and recording TONS. She also plays Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.
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All Comments (21)
  • Aurora is The Fifth Element...she must be protected at all cost.
  • edendron
    aurora is probably the only artist that i think sounds BETTER live than she does in the studio, it just makes more sense for her
  • warlordwinters
    Aurora's the type of musician you wanna keep all to yourself but at the same time share her with the world.
  • E *
    She is a siren, a fairy, some mythical goddess. Her voice is flawless
  • Andi K
    I saw her live, and just immediately started crying when she stepped into the stage. She’s incredible.
  • Finn
    I find Aurora's arm and hand movements kind of comforting, it's like she's the song and the singer at the same time it's quite lovely!!
  • blixxae
    “She’s just so.. enchanting”

    That is just the most accurate sentence ever
  • I’m partially deaf so music is very hard for me especially the lyrics. I do not know why but the sounds she makes just do something to my very soul. She makes me want to happily run away and explore all aspects of the earth before calling my husband to find me where I’m lost lol she is not of this world. We will learn some day she was sent her to either save us or study us. I’m convinced.
  • Angmar Omega
    Every time I hear Aurora sing this song specifically, I just start crying. Her voice moves all emotions inside of me.
  • Vohasiiv
    When she sings it feels like she's the hero, or main protagonist of the world. Like she's the one that's gonna save the world and bring everyone together in peace. She makes me feel in touch with the planet and gives me the motivation to live my life.
  • Steve Victory
    My guess is Aurora got tired of sitting around on an island singing to passing ships to lure sailors to their death, so she opted to come to civilization and enchant people in mass numbers.

    This girl is magical. I've never heard anything quite like her before, and never had 100% of a singers songs be something I really enjoy, yet here we are.
  • ZEL
    Can we all just agree? That Aurora's voice is a MASTERPIECE.
  • Also, you have to appreciate a 19 year old girl, looking like she is 15, singing a song she wrote at age 11, about dreaming about being 7.
    (edit: original video is from 2015)
  • steinar berglund
    "I feel like I'm falling in love with her, just a little bit" That sentence could probably be said by 90% of people watching this performance.
  • Luke Ellison
    She drags your soul into a different place without time.
  • Zena Qallaa
    Her face reactions while listening to it explain how deep this song hits
  • Eli
    Am I the only one who got tingles down their spine when she hit some of those notes?
  • Danille S.
    Aurora actually said herself that she moves around so much during performance because she cannot contain the musical energy she feels. In her first 2 years of performing, she used to struggle with this and shake her hands a lot during singing. Later on she learned how to move and dance with it. She says the energy comes from the place music is comes from <3