Zendaya on Family Seeing Challengers Love Scenes, Being a Meme & Escaping a Ticket with Tom Holland

Published 2024-04-18
Zendaya talks about traveling all over the world promoting movies, Jimmy winning money betting on her to win “Dancing with the Stars,” her family seeing the love scenes from her new movie Challengers, Venus Williams coming to the premiere, playing tennis in the movie, being memeable because she has a very expressive face, and Jimmy asks her some random questions.

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All Comments (21)
    When Hugh Jackman did press for The Greatest Showman, he said Zendaya could do it all and was going to take over the world.
  • @ScarlettJ1221
    Zendaya has to be one of the most elegant and classy actresses in Hollywood and I love seeing her everywhere these days
  • She’s actually genuinely funny, ‘chile I don’t know where that thing went’ 😂😂😂
  • @intrigued8188
    “There’s no sex... steamy but no sex”. She just disappointed and relieved a bunch of fans at the same time 😂
  • @MareMarMarie
    Her parents did so well with her. I remember in an interview in like 2015. She said at one time she started to show diva behavior being young and getting all the attention, her dad said if she didn’t get humble real fast he would pull the plug on her career. You have to respect that! ❤
  • @saku.544
    the fact that Jimmy was actually serious about betting on her for DWTS lmfaooo
  • @user-jd4jn5sp7t
    I know some of you will disagree with this, but i think Zendaya has a league of her own...she doesn't compete to anyone or her co-star. and she's one of the few young celebrity who don't need drama or pr stunt to stay relevant.
  • @ScarlettJ1221
    I love how Z always mentions Tom in interviews, she loves him sm and it's adorable
  • @chiedu90069
    I noticed how much she turns to talk to the audience. She has so much natural charisma.
  • @mimifanet
    I still can’t believe this is her first leading role in a movie, top of the call-sheet and all that. So happy for her success!
  • She's a delight! Can't help but notice that almost all the actors and actresses that have been in the industry, doing well and stay grounded has a lovely family around them
  • @davidkinsey8657
    I was blown away by her performance in Dune part 2. She said so much in the final scenes without saying a word.
  • @SharlineBerry
    I was at the live taping today. She is beauty, she is grace, she is THAT GIRL!! Slay queen ❤
  • @49erBLTZ
    “I since got LASIK, at the time I didn’t have my glasses so I really couldn’t see! Child, I don’t know where that ball just went” 😅I died laughing 😂😂😂
  • @EnzoTheBaker
    "Long time no see" Jimmy: "I saw you two months ago!"
  • @S.Shea2432
    Even with all her success in Her life, Zendaya still remains Kind, Humble, Real, & Sweet. Let's be honest, that's RARE!! Zendaya is RARE!! Oh, & Did I mention Beautiful? She's a real class act. I Love her so much!! 😍💜
  • @talisha5863
    Zendaya really navigated through haters early on in her career👏🏽👍🏽. I remember when people were dragging her for being considered to portray Aaliyah in a biopic and when Guiliana Rancic made fun of her and said she looked like she smelled funny because she was wearing braids with an elegant gown on a red carpet. She kept moving and keeps stuntin🤣😉👸🏾👍🏽💪🏾
  • @moon.mp3201
    Imagine family members cringing at scenes in “Challengers” when “Euphoria” still exists. 🤣
  • @tuliomagno8895
    It's kind of cute how Jimmy gives a dad vibe interviewing her and her generation's actors. I mean ..."Zen-day light saving"? 😂