Kevin Gates on Getting Shot, Depression, Kobe Bryant, Fitness, Albums, and Relationships | Interview

Published 2023-02-03
Kevin Gates dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about getting surgery after being shot, dealing with depression, and going to the gym. The rapper shares his thoughts on relationships and explains the meaning behind his albums (Islah and Khaza). Plus, Kevin Gates comments on Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle. Watch the full interview exclusively on BigBoyTV. (Part One Below)

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All Comments (21)
  • @Christian.Nation
    This really spoke to my core. Kevin has always been the number one person I look up to because I can relate so much. Everything he says just hits so hard. It's truth. Real truth. I respect that. I honor that. I salute!
  • @og_gilly3764
    One of my favorite quotes from Gates “I Am Who I Am. Who I’m not I’ll never be”

    This dude has helped me in more ways than one. Coming from a broken home and going through the mental shit that comes with it doesn’t define you hope some of you that read this will understand that.
  • @MissShaneice
    Kevin always speaks so profound, and I like it a lot. He seems very spiritually aware and connected. He's not just a rapper, he's so much more. Also, his skin is so clear, and his line up is fresh af.
  • @robertwolf3957
    I relate to Kevin more than anybody. He continues to speak and I continue to remember what I thought/done in my life
  • My jaw is on the floor. Authenticity on another level. So much bull-ish in the world. Its empowering to know that real people exist and are growing and becoming the people they are meant to be. Keep speaking and living in your truth. You've found your purpose. Just keep being you and doing you. No need to compare to anyone. Other people's opinions of you is none of your business anyways. We are manifesting out here, step into your power. Never let these low frequency people dictate how you move. Peace and love to all. Ascend all well...
  • @NursingBaeLife
    You can hear the therapy all in him. The hard part is receiving and practicing it daily! That's when you see the change, this growth and staying true to himself is🔥🔥
  • @MusikByImma
    Every time I watch Kevin interviews I love him more 😂
  • @princesmiley219_
    I watched this video 3x’s already. This interview was beautiful. Good job big brother for living in your Truth & showing the world that it’s still hope & good people out here🤲🏾💯
  • When he paused the interview to take a short prayer, that is self-actualization & discipline at the highest form
  • @cocospeaks
    I was compelled to press pause and pray for him! This the type of artist they don't want; intelligent, in-tune w/ self, expressing love and vulnerability and unapologetic about it all. He is a teacher; anything he talks about he can back it up with facts. He is helping a lot of black men (and women) heal. I've never seen any artist speak about the things that he speaks about. I'm mad I only discovered him a few weeks ago, smh.
  • @vanking3081
    I love how Kevin expresses himself, what a wonderful gift he shares with the world❤❤
  • @princesmiley219_
    I’m here once again. I watch both of your interviews everyday for inspiration & motivation. I said it once & imma say it again, Good Job💪🏾Keep motivating & being the voice for the people who can’t voice themselves✅🏆
  • @dueydreotb
    One of the few artists that are actually keeping it real 💯💯
  • @khadijia42
    I love Kevin he is evolving and spiritually rising to his highest self. I love to hear the wisdom he speaks. You can only get that kind of wisdom from experiencing life. I don’t care what anyone says about him. I love him and I listen to him. I have watched him evolve and grow. He in my top 5 of rappers. You can tell he has changed by his eyes and his smile
  • @SurvivingMe333
    This will forever be my fav rapper and one of my favs in the whole entertainment industry. I've never related to someone so much musically, artistically, and even as a human being. He is so raw and uncut. I felt bad when I had to stop listening to his music b/c I related so much to the pain and depression in his music. To see him now is so beautiful, so enlightening, and truly breath taking b/c I now resonate with the new growth in him b/c I am becoming a better version of me. I'm so proud of Kevin like I'm a close friend. The old Kevin I was scared to approach but this Kevin I'll probably break down and cry. I didn't get the chance to see the awe of Tupac in human form because I was probably 2 yrs old when he was killed but imma make sure I get to with Kevin. ❤️ Don't let nobody make you feel crazy for caring about celebrities/someone worldly known. God put them in front of an audience for a reason! Tell them to mind they f**king business!
  • This interview came from the heart the real fans since 2012 know his waited for years to speak on alot of bs going on in the industry towards him. I hope the world hears this and stops being stupid and listen to what he saying. Kevin is ready for life in every aspect everything he says is facts. I love you mane! This shit was spiurtal
  • I love him so much ❤ he speaks from the heart and real experiences 🙌🏻💯
  • @vicdamon4862
    Real men have real conversations. I’m on a road trip 6 hours & this has shed light & brought comfort in this time. Love y’all 💯🖤
  • @mikekane3599
    Unbelievably grateful this interview popped up on my feed. So many powerful messages. I didn’t know much about Kevin’s life outside music, but how inspiring. My life motto is that being a man is all about being a little better in every aspect of life everyday. He’s done exactly that. I’m headed out of state for some medical treatment next month and had adopted Push It as my official theme song on my road to recovery, how fitting after listening to these interviews!