Pedro Pascal Cries From His Head While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Published 2023-03-09

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  • @FirstWeFeast
    Thumbs up if you want to see Baby Yoda take on the wings of death.
  • @hankpank6737
    Pedro is quickly reaching Keanu levels of universally loved by everyone
  • I think the best part about Hot Ones is that ALMOST every single episode, Sean has caught a guest off guard and made them say, "How did you find out about that"
  • @sphincter77
    Legitimately one of the best interviews I have seen in this series so far. Pedro handled himself like a champion and had good answers to the questions. Legend.
  • @Carolina_Ways
    I think Pedro is the first person I’ve seen to actually utilize the multiple cameras when Sean tells them to let the people know what they have going on in their life.
  • @imthegabrielleg
    Pedro saying there’s no good Mexican food in NYC is probably the best thing I’ve heard him say. You speak the truth!
  • @MaxFosh
    Pedro really dressed for the part, turning up as a chilli
  • @EmilyPaul143
    The way he turned to the different cameras in the end and talked about how much pain he was in instead of promoting his own projects😅
  • @pin_tendo6444
    The “what are you doing with that” out of fear when he picked up the last dab hot sauce had me laughing so hard 😂
  • As a chilean, this man makes me so proud because he cleary had, in our chileans eyes, parents who raised him teaching him chilean manerisms and entonations, also he naturally has our spicy and daring humor that americans love so much. His humor is not cringy or silly like americans have, he truly embodies our "picardia". Something truly chilean.
  • Would love to have an action-comedy movie with Pedro Pascal, Keanu Reeves, and Brendan Fraser.
  • Sean whispering "you did so good" as everyone clapped was the most wholesome thing I've ever seen. What a precious couple of cinnamon rolls they are.
  • @AwesomenessTV
    Let's all admit it...Pedro is the real hot one here
  • @aaron8350
    I love the random angry "I f*cking HATE milk" 😆
  • @MarkElders
    I love the moment at 15:54 where Pedro realizes how silly it was to think he wouldn't get got. 😂
  • @pavcas7454
    I thought I couldn't fall more in love with Pedro, but is there anyone else who is blown away by his humbleness? When he says at the end: "I´m finally cool to people that I care about the most about" it sounds so real, it really got to me. 😭No wonder everyone loves him and everyone feels good and safe in his company. I'm so happy he's getting so much attention. What a great interview!❤❤❤
  • I love how Sean follows along and does whatever the guests are doing. Doesn't pressure or give them a hard time. He's great.
  • If Keanu Reeves ever came on this show, he'd call the food breathtaking, and then the people who prepped the hot wings would say he's breathtaking, and he will eat them in a breathtaking manner.
  • "I feel like I'm finally cool to the people I care most about."

    Protect this man at all costs.