Easy Chicken Tortellini Soup #howto #soup #rainyday #comfortfood

Published 2023-02-13
Recreating my mamas delicious and cozy Tortellini Soup. Replacing boring noodles with Tortellini will help elevate your next soup night!


1. One lb of Chicken Thighs or Chicken Wings
2. One full Onion
3. One bag of Carrots (any shape will work!)
4. Celery Stocks
5. Salt/Pepper
6. Cilantro
7. One box of Chicken Stock
8. One bag of Cheese Tortellini

1. Add chicken to water in Dutch oven/crockpot/Soup Pot - Let simmer for about 5 minutes
2. Chop Veggies - Carrots & Celery (Add to Dutch oven with chicken)
3. Add Salt/Pepper ( to your liking)
4. Let simmer for 1 hour and 30 minutes
5. Add Chopped Cilantro & 1 box of chicken broth into Dutch Oven
6. Let cook for an additional 30 minutes
7. Add cooked tortellini to last 5 minutes of your cook time ( this will only take about 5 minutes to cook separately)

DELICIOUS TIPS: Add Parmesan cheese to your individual bowl when ready to serve 😛

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    "Heavy hand" seems like he seasoned it quite nicely to me :)