Lemon Boy: Behind the Scenes

Published 2017-12-15
*I ALMOST DIED!!* ((NOT CLICKBAIT))) !!! ! ! ! !!!!!OMG!
Real talk thanks for watching and I hope yall really enjoyed the music video. Here's links to the people involved do go check them out they are wonderful....

Marco (BTS cameraman): www.instagram.com/ceramictoilet/
Tom (Bassist): ghostbustersvhs.bandcamp.com/
Mic (Drummer): youtube.com/user/omgitsreallymic
Special thanks to As A Button Productions
Lemon pins designed and handmade by Laura Girling – www.etsy.com/au/shop/LauraGirlingIllo

Website ~ www.cave.town/
Merch ~ hyperurl.co/CavetownMerch
Tour Dates ~ www.cave.town/shows
Spotify ~ open.spotify.com/artist/2hR4h1Cao2ueuI7Cx9c7V8?si=…
Instagram ~ www.instagram.com/lemon.socks
Twitter ~ twitter.com/cavetown
Bandcamp ~ cavetown.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud ~ soundcloud.com/cavetown

Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020 USB
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 30mm f/1.4
Electric guitar: Fender Telecaster
Bass guitar: Ibanez miKro
Acoustic guitar: Freshman, steel string
Electro-acoustic guitar: LAG, steel string
Concert Ukuleles: Kauai electro acoustic, Kauai acoustic, Nices acoustic, Adele acoustic
Interface: Roland Duo-Capture Ex
Video Editing Software: iMovie
Audio Editing Software: Logic Pro X

All Comments (21)
  • cavetown
    The frog isn't in the shot u see here, Im sorry.... The frog was in front of me off-screen and I picked him up so i wouldnt step on him. He was beautiful and slimy
  • Alicia Natividad
    You can appreciate the music video even more once you find out that Robbie literally almost got murdered by a tree while filming and just went with it
  • Austinnrood
    Literally when I saw the video I was like "damn that tree fall was corriagraphed prefectly."
  • tui butler
    1. one take
    2. night
    3. band doin the little dance
    4. paint

    rob has this filming schedule all sorted
  • be
    I think the tree

    fell for you

    I'll leave(s)

  • not today
    seeing the construction of the music video is so nice but i love the little jokes and silly stuff y'all do. i usually avoid BTS videos because they're so boring and serious but this one was chill n felt so relaxing and 👌 if you get me. it was like the interrailing mini-series or the seven chapters of mythicality. just a good video in all.
  • unpleasant
    “Do you need a hand?”

    “I have two already.”
  • tui butler
    that falling tree obviously doesn’t respect artistry at work 😤
  • elizabeth tetaz
    "do you want some deodorant?" "...no" is the funniest thing to me
  • Ella Paddick
    I actually find it quite heart warming that you did ask if you could put your hand down their shirt. Knowing my friends they would just come up to me and shove their hand down my shirt touching my boobs and shit to put that pin on. It's just a small thing but I found it really sweet x
  • Juana Gloria
    bts: "tree!!..tr..tree! tree!!"
    Robin: Imna eat this lemon!
  • paetato
    i guess you could say the tree falling was a pine in the ass tho it turned out oakay
  • basil your mom
    Even my cat likes cavetown, while I was watching this she started rubbing against my laptop and then she sat down next to me and started watching it with me.
  • Mathieu Barnes
    How is everything you make so gosh darn wholesome?!
  • ghostly drawn
    just a bunch of boys being boys in a forest filming lemon boy
  • Sophia Hoots
    Somewhere in this video I just had this moment where my heart stopped and I realized you’re not a lil baby boy anymore. You’re growing up and doing great things and it’s just so amazing and so monumental and wowza we are all so proud of you
  • Valu
    The tree just wanted to give u a hug ;(
  • It was so great. And I like your music video soo much! I feel myself kinda devastated, useless and wrong for several months already, I really don't know what should I do with this disgusting life, but you inspire me and now I want to do something that could change my life, I want to become better. t h a n k y o u