Minecraft, But You Are Infected...

Published 2022-11-22

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  • Capybara bros
    Nobody talks about the fact he mined diamonds with stone pickaxe
  • V4rtex
    I love how the ancient city dimension ACTUALLY had the original skulk/warden textures from the original concept art from a dev. That’s why they were “forgotten”.
  • SmilingDryWall
    Kudos to whoever made this little mod, tons of time and effort obv went into it so good on them
  • Ghost741
    This mod reminds me of Prototype game
  • Erix
    Fun fact: the forgotten warden is actually the original design of the warden, they changed it because it was "too scary"
  • Xeno Rose
    i really like stuff like this, can I have whatever you are using
  • MrStarBone
    se 110 pov you will go faster idk probably useful for manhunts
  • Mysterious Magic
    The fact that it was doni is so in character, this is what doni usually does so out of all his friends this is def the most likely one to do that, doni was even laughing like usual lmao.
  • Lunette Altair
    i really like this concept (mostly because i just like infection concepts in Minecraft especially scape and run parasites) is this a mod or plugin that's available? I'd like to play this with my friends
  • vadenandvinson
    Pov: Your waiting for the “Can we appreciate” comments go viral
  • Dracah İsmail
    I love how he just wanted to add the HOLLOW (trypophobia sculk)

    Welcome to the hollow cult, Bionic.
  • Ert Marcus
    I love every one of bonc's vids and can't wait for this big series coming up. :)
  • That was the absolute best EVER! plot twist. He could've, the entire time. Made a water bottle. Doni is one hell of a troll man.
  • Diam Japan
  • Goldentoast
    Love you videos, thanks for always putting a lot of effort in your videos, it makes my day.
  • WipboyPlays
    I love how doni can just say drink a bottle of water 😂 but waited until the end😂😂😂😂
  • Pov: when the test is easy but you though it's hard and start using advanced knowledge to solve it