IKEA in a Nutshell

Published 2022-11-22

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  • Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for yet another certified hood classic by this absolutely Chad of a man
  • I'm convinced that Joeseppi never actually made it out of IKEA store while recording this video, and he's currently living in this maze, releasing this video and putting cryptic message in it.
  • @jmmykent9514
    As a Swedish person, I can tell you the names are actually pretty self explanatory. For example, the djungelskog bear directly translates to jungle forest. Also blåhaj is just Blue shark.
  • 2:15 SCP-3008 is actually an infinite Ikea with faceless employees and food that stocks itself in the SCP universe. You could say if you lose one screw...you're screwed. Plot twist, the meatballs are made out of people who didn't find the exit. I believe that Lord Joeseppi is actually still in the IKEA, he just found the show room that looked identical to his room and started making the video and living there

    Love the irony how the world's largest Ikea isn't even in Sweden. It's specifically at the Mall of Asia. Mall of Asia is the world's fifth largest mall and is owned by SM Prime. They own other megamalls (or as they call them, SM Supermalls) in the Philippines like SM City North EDSA (13th largest), SM Megamall (15th largest), and SM Seaside City Cebu (16th largest). The Philippines sure loves to take things from the US like fast-food and malls and says "Hold my beer"
  • @satyrec7140
    I had a stuffed Ikea animal of a Dalmatian when I was a kid. I called him "spotty". In my childhood I has serval surgery's and whenever I woke up in recovery he would be there. He is still with me to this day
  • @niemand414
    Fun story: My parents once forgot me in an Ikea. I was too young to remember but they told me there was a misunderstanding, my mom went to a Toys r us with my brother and my dad went to another store while was just forgotten there. When they met up again after like 2 hours they realized that I was gone. They looked for me for like half an hour until they found me in a Smaland, just sleeping there lol.
    Edit: Now that I think about it there's a slight chance they just took the first child they found in Smaland and that the real me is still wandering in the Ikea, lost and afraid.
  • I love channels like this that upload occasionally. It makes the content feel more special and (obviously in joeseppis case) higher quality
  • I love how this guy ventured through costo and ate all the "sample"s then like so much later brings us yet another masterpiece whilst' risking his life.
  • For future reference: DJUNGELSKOG = jungle forest; BLÅHAJ (pronounced blaw-high) = blue shark. I speak every language in the world so I'm very familiar with Swedish. At a normal interview, they tell you "Please take a seat" while at an IKEA interview, they tell you "Please make a seat." The NJ couple that got married are from Newark, and they got married at the IKEA in Elizabeth right across from the notorious Newark Liberty International Airport. Knowing Newark and its violence...IKEA is the BEST place to get married there. And if either tries to leave each other, they won't be able to escape the other.
  • @r_dbrix794
    As a friend of a Swedish fella, this is incredibly accurate
  • Never thought a video about a furniture store could cause such a rollercoaster of emotions, video goes from funny to nostalgic, can perfectly relate to everything this man said, actually couldn't be any more on point!
  • @bekhan5542
    I used to work in an IKEA as a security guard, at night it really is as he described. Wasn't scared, but it seemed like you were in a horror movie(especially when the lights had to be turned off at 10 pm) especially where you had to close every single security door, but in the end you always ended up in the kitchen and could take free drinks and candy. Ikea treats their employees well.
  • This man is scarily good at promoting these things. Its 9pm on a rainy day and I want to go to an IKEA right now.
  • As a person who’ve been to Ikea Pasay multiple times, I can confirm that it’s the largest. There’s like 3 or 4 floors, and a basement for parking. And it’s brand new too (the ikea here opened on nov 25 last year, they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary). Also, Ikea is right next to SMX convention, which can be an amazing experience if there’s an anime convention going on (you can occasionally spot cosplayers shopping in Ikea lol).
  • @siping5815
    Just a few months back when I was in Pasay City in the Philippines I tried going into IKEA since it would be my first time experiencing it, then I remembered all those memes about IKEA saying that it was like a maze and such and thought to myself how true they were. I know I'm just an idiot that can't follow the map thingy but it genuinely took me 20 minutes to get out of that place. Then while watching this video I realized that the store you were talking about in the beginning was the same one I am still having nightmares about.
  • @umizoomr2998
    You always deliver with these videos. The comedy just hits so perfect and right.
  • Thank you joeseppi for going into ikea and making it out alive to share your experience to the world
  • Ikea was like a vacation growing up. The cafeteria, the cheapest family meatball meals, the cranberry soda. At the very end of the shopping we would go to the very end where there's the $1 cinnamon buns, ice cream, hot dogs. It was a different experience that you can't explain
  • The Swedish pronunciation was significantly better than I thought, great video!