The First Punic War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

Published 2022-09-02
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All Comments (21)
  • Spooderman
    Oversimplified is like a real Santa Claus. He comes once or twice a year and brings many gifts, and everyone is in peace for a week. Thank you, Oversimplified
  • RandomGameCritic
    Watching the Romans solve the complexities of naval warfare by forgoing the ships entirely and instead making a bridge to cross over and beat the crap out of the other army has got to be one of the most unga bunga moments in human history.
  • Hester Clapp
    I swear this NordVPN guy is a time traveller. They manage to appear in almost every historically important situation across 59 servers all over the world!
  • Zachary Kroll
    I like when the roman says "that seems pretty barbaric". Barbarian is, by definition, any one not of Rome. Therefore, how could a Roman ever be barbaric?
  • Taylor Summers
    If history were presented this way in school, I would have been a historian.
  • surykat11pl -
    I love your content man, it's educating and entertaining at the same time, better than any school book, you were one of the people who got me into history and made me so interested in it, I really appreciate it. Thank you!
  • Steven Macey
    Let’s just remember, he writes, directs, animates, voices and edits this all himself. The quality is absolutely outstanding.
  • Taylor Adams
    He seems to be more confident about his humor lately and it’s absolutely magnificent
  • Jolo Mondonedo
    "Look at those simple-minded brutes, bet they've never sacrificed a baby in their lives!"

    This is a pretty clever joke. Big props, OS.
  • Jay Nova
    This is definitely a certain peak of 21st century humanity, and was sort of a catalyst for so many different ways we simplified and made large amounts of information accessible through our smart phones, whether through videos or apps, so that everyone can learn and converse about complicated things. Seeing that it is back is indeed a nice highlight of current times. Thank you man behind the curtain 👍🏾
  • abolish gender
    I will never stop adoring the usage of Times New Roman in that list with the consuls. This was genius.
  • High Class Humor
    Can we just appreciate his commitment to the voice acting? It's amazing
  • Tam22
    This dude literally drops like 2 videos a year and gets trending every time. Prime content creator right here.
  • M.M.
    “The Romans being aggressive go getters, aggressively go got them”
    This cracked me up. Lmao
  • hannah
    i love seeing his animations thrive on the screen and hearing the genuine enthusiasm in his voice as he narrates. he’s come such a long way
  • Maxwell
    I am bit surprised he's got only just close to 7million followers this man deserves a lot more for his content, how he makes history so fun and interesting is mind blowing.
  • Kareem Lyons
    I'm not going to lie, that joke about Nor VPN and him telling us to shut up for questioning why his video takes this long to be completed got me rolling. Why is this the first time I'm seeing this content? I usually never subscribe on the first date but this is just too good.
  • Your videos are amazing and extremely helpful. I am studying the Ancient history now. Unfortunately, there is no such funny videos on this topic (except the Punic wars). Would you be so kind to do the next episode about the Peloponnesian War?
  • Alpha627
    And when the students needed him most, he returned