Ben Simmons On Philadelphia | JJ Redick

Published 2022-09-21
The Old Man and The Three podcast is BACK with an amazing episode featuring JJ Redick's old teammate, Ben Simmons (The Brooklyn Nets). In this teaser clip, Ben talks about his feelings towards Philadelphia now that two years have passed. Stay locked in because we get into way more about Philly, The 76ers and much more.

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  • JJ Redick
    Thanks for watching, everyone. We get into a lot more stuff including his shooting, The Hawks series, his holdout and more. The episode will be live first thing tomorrow morning so subscribe to the channel if you haven't. We'll see ya then.
  • Javian Johnson
    This is a huge interview JJ. All the talking heads from ESPN and FOX are gonna be taking clips and quotes from this and talking about it. I think this is his first interview since leaving Philly
  • Dylan Mason
    My jaw literally just hit the floor…this was the perfect way for them both to come back
  • Reynaldo Roman
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ben speak this much. Glad you are able to have him on the show😊
  • Joey Denton
    Really cool to see you bring non-basketball players onto the pod! Excited to hear how he masters his craft as an Esports player
    great interview and judging by his response he sounds like hes at peace with whatever was going on with him. end of the day THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS
  • IzzMo
    Yo get kawhi on here and have him react to that vid of him making a family cry on that game winner in the 2019 nba finals
  • jessica brown
    I have never seen a more fragile emotional fanbase than 76ers fans, its been so long and it reminds me of when a boyfriend cant let go, its actually disturbing, especially when simmons never said one single bad thing about the fans ever, but ive noticed a pattern, insecure people love to insult others and call them weak, when they are the real weak ones and yes i follow the 76ers and id never turn on embiid or simmons, thank you simmons for your time with us, you were amazing! wish you the best in brooklyn!
    Lovely to see the players side 😊 U make guests on ur show seem like they are happy to be there. Best sports show JJ, keep it up! ♥️
  • KombatRacer
    Was really missing your podcasts this summer, JJ. But I’m super glad you got some much deserved time off! You’re the best man. 😎
  • Thomas B
    As a Sixers fan, I hope Ben gets his head right. We loved him when he was here and he didn’t reciprocate it by putting in the work. I wish him the best for the rest of his career, but us Philly fans deserve no blame.
  • Mucho Blahbla
    Wishing Ben the best, looking forward to seeing him add his attributes to the league and falling to the sixers and being cheered for his valiant efforts like we did for Ray Allen and Vince on our way to lose to Shaq , Kobe and them
  • Egglord Sasuke
    It's nice to hear somebody who is professional, who will ask tough questions when needed, but will remain polite and respectful. One of the best voices in sports media today.
  • Veggie Stu
    I sure missed this podcast. And what a perfect guest to welcome the new season. Really looking forward!!
  • Vincent Byrd
    This episode two words and one feeling epically legendary 🙌 Benny is back
  • Good to see that he's alright (mentaly wise at least). I hope he makes a major come back this season, him russ and JWall need to remind people of some few things.
  • richard hunt
    Can’t lie JJ more then anything about your podcasts I always enjoy how you walk into these questions that could be hard for a lot of your guests to answer if you didn’t set up the right way. That’s probably your best skill as a podcaster. Keep it up
  • Ed Roche
    Can’t wait to hear what he’s gotta say. Never really heard his side of the situation, so I’m excited
  • dylan hotrum7
    "I feel like I'm part philly still" is a wild thing to say coming from him
  • Lawrence J
    Good to see you back JJ , congrats on getting this one !