Climbing Mt. Trus Madi Borneo the last 30min to Summit - Jeremiah Harris D

Published 2012-12-07

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  • Just amazing! A dreamy place for any nepenthes lover. Heaven!
  • Scary Fear
    Awesome. I hope I can do a climb like that one day. So many lowii.
  • Paul Barden
    Some of those macrophyllas were truly amazing! Thanks for sharing this tour of Trus Madi!
  • VA Planted Tanks
    Fantastic Jeremiah. Thanks for sharing for those of us who haven't seen such glorious things yet. :)
  • john yates
    Hi Jeremiah, John here , thanks for post this video my friend, was very disappointed that I did get to climb with you guys up this mountain getting sick and all , but seeing this all most put's me there with you guys , thanks again for being great travailing companion as every one was as well , on the nep expedition No.1 hope the expedition no.2 has as good time as well did
    JEEZ those nepenthes are growing like weeds everywhere!! This place looks like heaven I want to visit so bad :-)
  • 2000tjb
    Man now I want to go to Borneo!
  • ilove puna
    Amazing plantlife... what an adventure that must have been!
  • Arthur Gomes
    Wow that's awesome! One of my dreams is to meet these amazing place.
  • Molhedim
    Nep. macrophylla looks awesome . Wonder how much it cost , I would love on of those.
  • Rickey Anderson
    Hello Jeremiah, remember just the other day I told you I would be looking out for you on a PBS special video time spent observing nature at its best. What an amazing view of that summit & the plants. 700m great job. My Nep. singalana belirang is coming along after making some adjustments. I will wait and see if I want to invest in growing the Nep. macrophylla I hear that it is easier than Nep.villosa. Thank you.

  • Jeffrey Risner
    I am growing a macrophylla in a cold tank now and its doing well.
  • Veitchii Aii
    the place looks so humid and foggy! Such heaven of Nepenthes.
  • Vidyut Gore
    LOWII! And that macrophylla. Had seen the photo so many times that I recognized what was coming up a second before it came on screen :D