Basic Buffer Overflow - VulnServer TRUN

Published 2020-11-16
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All Comments (21)
  • Nathan
    Your videos are a source of frustration and a source of motivation.

    Frustrated because I'm not where I want to be with this stuff.

    Motivated to get there.

    Keep them coming! 😁
  • Matt Storr
    This is by far the simplest and logical walkthrough of buffer overruns and how to exploit them that I've seen. I really appreciate the pace (I dont care that it was long) as you covered each part. I understood everything except the struct and little endian elements. I guess I have some reading to do :-)
  • signum42
    Fantastic video. Appreciating the "slow pace"
  • HuntingKing YT
    Tip: you can use the instruction int3 (0xCC) to make a debug breakpoint, then you can see much faster when the exploit occurs.
  • Norman ALC
    You're legend mate! I learned a lot from this video. You've explained it very well 5 star for you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Farid Hajji
    Love the slow pace and crystal-clear explanations. Easy to understand and follow.
  • Admin Service
    You're an awesome instructor, I commend you for humbling yourself and breaking everything down in simple terms vs your knowledge level lol. Thx man
  • Freeze
    Great vid, John. Can you make a video on a more challenging scenario; where you have IP overwrite however the buffer size is very small to fit the shellcode?
  • Glenn Bogaerts
    This was a very clear and well explained video. Great job John
  • the I.T. Guy
    I have watched a ton of your videos over the past few week, but this is my favorite. Watching you work through that was super instructive and downright entertaining. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • rono rocky
    from couple of weeks i was searching for some good practical for buffer overflow, and seriously man u made it so easy with the python script, the end was awesome when you get the meterpreter, love u man ❤️ keep doing this gr8 work.
  • Robertron
    Really appreciate your vids man! 👍 even tough I stopped coding a couple of years ago you engage me to catch back up and attend my first upcoming ctf events. Cheers
  • Mark Gentry
    This is a really good explanation of how to do the BOF on certain exams. I already knew how to do this, but I learned a few things on the way. love your work bro
  • Adrian Luna
    John, another great video. Do you know of any mentoring resources or private tutors one can hire for Pentesting? I have a year experience but some of the advanced harder machines still stump me and I have to resort to walkthroughs. Any resources you have would be great!
  • Karanveer Singh
    Well, understanding computer architecture is super important for understanding and making these exploits. Great video!
  • What you manage to do is insane... it seems almost magic. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see other exploits like this (using buffer overflow). Cheers!
  • saurabh shinde
    Most simple and comprehensive walkthrough of buffer overflow.. Really liked and understood it.. keep it up john
  • Anurag Yelala
    Fantastic! thank you John, so many bits and pieces are clarified with your video.
  • Chris Hammer
    Perfecto... I learned Buffer Overflows once 5 months ago and taking my OSCP soon. About to jump into these again to do over and over for the test. Perfect timing mate!