Melanie Martinez - DEATH (Official Audio)

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Zafirah Javed
    can we appreciate the fact that melanie has never once given us bad music?
  • 46 year old mama here. Melanie is art. People who hate on her don't understand what a true artist is.
  • Gothic witch
    not only am i loving her new era. i also love the fact that her voice sounds SO healthy, not that she was bad before But wow her vocals have improved a lot
  • d011p4rtz
    why am I crying? this really sounds like the transition from life to death. Just lost my grandmother a few months ago and I imagine it sounds surreal and this is really artistic and surreal itself
  • Ayva
    i think its absolutely beautiful how she created an entire story with her online character , crybaby was in the beginning a “baby” and then she went to k-12 in where she died , therefore bringing on this new character , i jus wanna know what she will name this and how she will show it in concerts , absolutely beautiful melanie , i love you
  • Emily_ _mi
    Вы не поверите, как я скучала по Мелани!! Я думала, что этот момент никогда не настанет, но она здесь со своей прекрасной песней Т³Т
  • Eder Ruiz
  • James Nguyen
    i know it sounds dramatic, but i honestly feel like my life is about to change once this album releases 🧚
  • Rayne drops
    I never thought I would envision the perfect song at my funeral
  • I have a feeling that Portals is going to change me. LAtely ive needed something to make me happy and this song is one i can relate to being as its a mix from life to death. Thank you Melanie, because even when we were happy with ur old music, you decided to make more💗💗💗💗💗💗
  • Isimpforyou
    I’ve been crying to this song for like 15 minutes 😭
  • Timepiece 3001
    DEATH - 100%
    MELANIE - 100%
    VISUAL - 100%
    VOCALS - 100%
    LYRICS- 100%
    DRUMS- 100%
    TALENT - 100%
  • The contrast of all the emotions this song deliveres is absolutely taking my heart on a big journey... I've been crying for about half an hour when this came out! Thank you Melanie for delivering this gorgeous masterpiece to us... I can't wait to hear more soon!! ❤
  • Cry Baby
    Love the visuals💗 can't wait for the music video this this masterpiece
  • Breaker Gemini
    Let's go Melanie! Can't wait for any future concerts I'm going and there will be no hesitation!
  • Pass my vibes
    I don’t understand why people don’t want her to move on like this is so good🥹
  • Rainy Lps
    People say this new album is so different from the others but it still give off the classic Mel vibes like the others. It has the weird vibes like always and that’s why I love Mel and their songs
  • Woo
    this song is so good.. it doesn't matter if you change your aesthetic, or the rhythm, aesthetic, style of the song, your music will always be good Melanie because it's your music 😃❤️