Toby Keith performs at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill in Las Vegas 12-10-16

Published 2016-12-14

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  • @ebonykids9991
    I lost two sons one to Leukemia and one to brain cancer.bThey both loved Toby. Three angels are in heaven.
  • He honored veterans more than our federal government!!!!!💪💪💪💪
  • @lindareichle742
    There will never ever be another one that comes close to Toby Keith Covel.
  • @debbieclark580
    This man was the absolute best. We will miss you Toby😢. I play your music everyday ❤. You are so loved. RIP. At least you are not suffering and you are "rockin' heaven I am sure.
  • @liz3424
    This is the example of a GREAThuman being. He used his platform in the most diligent way. He honored the troops, done anywhere from 11 to 14 uso tours, he entertained us all. He done so much for society. He built a hospital for sick children. The man just had a huge love and appreciation for life One that definitely never let fame get to his head. He loved america. I watched him in a joy Behard interview and she tried several times to push toby into claiming one side or another but he side stepped beautifully. He definitely supposed the whole country. Gonna miss this guy. My world just isnt quite the same without Me. Tobey in it.Rest peacefully high on that mountain Toby🙏❤
  • @ellenmoss5958
    I love anything Toby Keith sings. He's a TRUE AMERICAN in my opinion. I love when he invites Military people up on stage and thanks them for their service !! Your one heck of a wonderful man. Please take care of yourself. I'm praying for you every night to heal quickly.
  • @MegaCrystal777
    I Always LOVE Toby Keith singing no matter what songs. He's sincere & it shows! Plus GORGEOUS man😊♥️
  • Toby you sure can stir up a room full of people!!!! You are the best!
  • @CrunchyMom70
  • @mafery619
    Man he has/had a great voice. What a great man. Wish i would have net him on one of these impromptu concerts. Stil hurting from this loss.
  • Ive always wanted to be an Okie but not made it yet now i leave my job in Tenerife Spain and look out Olkahoma the country girl from Alberta Canada is coming home after 2 years in the sun and surf be well my friend as a doctor and a survivor angels keep you solid in thier wings
  • @terifarmer5066
    Toby Sangin With Merle 💯🎼Heaven & Moonshine🎸♥
  • Loyal band to. The Boss ..He's can sing. Sure does get down ...cage performance ..couldn't beat this ..
  • @joannjones544
    Such a talented man... So real and down-to-earth... Really cares what happens to others... Makes a difference whenever he can... We love you Toby Keith❤
  • @user-ei2vh9xe7l
    I just love Toby Keith 's videos, all of his music and all the places he traveled. He did a lot of things for his kids charity and I donate to his charity once a month. Love you Toby Keith now and forever. 🥰🤗🌹😇🙏♥️🙏😇