Published 2023-02-03

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  • Stokes Twins
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  • Thanks for working hard on these videos Stokes and making some of our days better!
  • Sxmply Amy
    Can we appreciate how much effort they put in their videos!?
  • sophia isabelle
    The Stokes are certainly the best at breaking records. Their drive, will and determination have gotten them to considerable heights, and we are more certain they will continue to achieve more great opportunities in their lives.
  • anchal anand
    I just love these twins after so much happend to them still they did stayed strong and continued making videos and help us enjoy ❤
  • [Bubbles]
    You guys always make me laugh and smile ❤ I love you guys so much! Keep up the amazing work!💕🕊
  • miou joer
    Now he got the world record for beating the most world records in 24 hours
  • T B
    I love the fact that you include the rest of your crew in your videos. It was incredible to watch this video, you guys, and the other people in your videos are incredible to watch, love it.
  • these are so stupid but that's what I love.
    Hope you make more amazing content like this.
  • Jessalyn BearCub
    you guys really know how to make us laugh even if it means hurting your selfs
  • bloody vampire5
    Good to see them back with sofie after a long time
    Edit- thanks for so many likes.
  • *ARMY Ha Min*
    it was amazing stokes , it was a big hard work, sincerty and patience that u guys have given to the video
    and ur videos are wonderful 👏👏
  • DianaDubnytska
    I can just imagine them going to the supermarket to buy all these watermelons and the cashier just thinking that they came out of a math problem 😂
  • Disney Girl
    Kinda glad to see them and a member-ish of amp world reunited 😊
  • Congrats bro you almost hit 20M?!🎉 And im watching this for 1 year;)
  • garima telang
    They probably got a new world record for most world records broken in 24 hours