Stranger invited me in her G Wagon

Published 2022-09-21

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  • KAWS
    Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  • hudsontoo1212
    “What do you do for a living?”
    “Cocaine. I did all of the cocaine.”
  • radu militaru
    The guys in the back were the former guys who asked her what she did for living, and she gathered them all
  • Isabel Montoya
    Everyone in that car looks high,drunk,hungover and it doesn’t even look like it’s after noon😂
  • Edric Wong
    At this rate, Daniel could get kidnapped and we'd think it's a skit💀
  • Ritokazoriv
    "crazy eyes aren't a real thing"
    Her eyes: 👁️👁️
  • M m
    she's the type of girl that'll get you into alot of trouble and you won't even realize it's happening.
  • I'm in the makeup business. I make up stories about how I retired when I'm coked out of my mind.
  • JD Shellnut
    She on about 6 different drugs and they are all fighting for control
  • Danjer
    As someone who did many many drugs I guarantee you shes high af
  • Juan Duran
    The gum was what let me know she on some snow white 💀💀💀
  • Vando
    Bro just got asked what did he do for a living, and he answers with "I asked people what they do for a living" basically.

    It happened now.
  • Mike
    "You have the whole crew, YOO..."
    "Bro WTF?" 💀