Pokemon Violet But Random Eggs Decide My Team

Published 2023-06-24

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  • @YouTube
    the true strength of virizion 🏆
  • @PM7
    I completely forgot Iron Leaves existed and I have feeling it will never let me forget again!
  • @waz207
    John not only hatching multiple shinies, but finding one mid run, is so expected at this point, it’ll throw me for a loop if and when it DOESNT happen.
  • @ChillJeleton
    John: gets a shiny Mikey: YOU CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS
  • @TNTX23
    the virizion arc is truly crazy
  • @Lupinemancer87
    John's child-like excitement is contagious, makes you wanna restart the game and play again.
  • @AceTrainerX3
    Virizion and Klawf have returned to help PM7 once more
  • @SirBenjaminAzure
    You've got to make Verizion your mascot. I know you're the frog guy, but just put Froakie riding a Verizion or Iron Leaves
  • @nivag1909
    John’s excitement at the start is just great. This is definitely gonna go south.
  • @landryingouf7210
    "well at least it's not drownzee" i know, hypno is broken as a special tanks, and is one of my favorites mons (at 8:26 for those wondering) i hope you will have him in a future video too, my man don't get enough attention if it isn't for the creepypasta
  • @storymaster21
    I love how MandJTV has Drowzee and PM7 has Virizion stalking him. Everyone get the mmemes going.
  • @lockse098
    The majority of people can only hope to find someone as loyal as Virizion is to John.
  • @ZanyDude
    I bet that Iron Leaves was the Virizion from the Sword and Shield but all legendaries playthrough but mechanicalized. I think this because Virizion always came back and was shiny near the end of John's journey in Galar. Iron Leaves always came back (not in every team but he didnt go away permanently) and was shiny near the end of John's team in this playthrough.
  • @TylerTinted
    The legend of Dumbkern will never die, it will simply sleep
  • @Poystudios
    you think im gonna do something stupid....[does the stupid thing] thats my favorite part about this channel