Food Theory: Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!

Published 2023-03-14

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  • MrBeast
    1:08 that’s not accurate, we did way more then that lol
  • Pride A.
    Just a shout out to the editors, they absolutely killed it with the graphics this episode. Fantastic fantastic job.
  • Moon Child ASMR
    If you regularly work out and are tired and thirsty, the flavor doesn't matter as much as how refreshing the drink is to your palette. You'd want something similar to water rather than a sweet juice.
  • Nathanael
    One issue with the taste test that you might think of for next time is these were just regular people testing the flavor. This wasn’t people working out and then trying the drinks, which would honestly have a huge impact on which they prefer. When I’m sitting I love drinking root beer but when I’m working out that is the last thing I want to grab. Sometimes the drinks that have less taste are waaaaay better during a work out. So Prime being very flavorful might make me not want it when working o it.
  • DaddyVet3D
    I love taste tests. The problem is the lack palette cleansing between tastes. It makes it hard to differentiate between them
  • Incognito Girl
    Not 2 minutes in and Mat is throwing more shade than I've ever seen in the 10 years I've been watching the theory channels! 😂love it!
  • Lionfire42
    I find it hilarious how MatPat, usually trying to be neutral and/or encouraging party, absolutely draws a line at Logan Paul.
  • Suen Zhong
    One of the first thing I learnt as a kid about sport drinks was that these drinks should contain salt to replace the salt that the human body loses through sweat. When I saw Prime had low sodium I immediately knew it would be a poor sport drink. I'm curious to try it for the flavour though and I'll probably buy a bottle if it ever exports to my country.
  • TheDreamTacular
    Glad more and more people are starting to see through Primes marketing schemes. Also, Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates also made a very good video debunking Prime some time ago.
  • Fonso Huggins
    I love what Matt is doing with this channel as well as Style Theory. Always wondered how you could continuously produce videos in completely different genres in the same game and film theory style ❤
  • Miha Vovk
    I like how explanatory the video is. The taste tests however I'd do them in two different settings, one having volunteers try them as you did and another making them workout before the tasting. I've come to notice that some of these sports drinks taste vastly different when you're sweaty from exercise or work.
  • RexxTheFirst
    Honestly when I was really sick with the flu a couple of years ago Gatorade was truly what helped me not feel as horrible. Ordinarily I hate the taste, even after a workout, but it definitely did what it was supposed to do.
  • Eli Beehler
    I’d also like to add that the higher sugar in Gatorade and Powerade are good for quick energy since simple sugars are the easiest ones for your body to use.
  • Antti Tolamo
    I think the taste tests should have been made after exercise. My experience is that sports drink are really much sweeter after lot of exercise/sweating. The taste without them is for me different, more muted. Which makes me think Prime is more ment for non-exercising people as its the sweetest of them all. The ratio with potassium points to this direction too. Its propably ment to be grapped any time and to be drinked, thus the good sales.
  • Josh Bibb
    Imagine that, gatorade and powerade, who have been around forever, actually did their homework for real replenishment
  • nova
    Prime’s electrolyte ratio is even more interesting because Potassium lowers (encourages your body to pee out) Sodium. So whatever little Sodium is in Prime is getting kicked out. I personally always loved the salty flavor of Gatorade/Powerade 😅.
  • SRC
    In my opinion if I was working out for a long time I wouldn’t chose Prime for an energy drink to drink because of how flavorful it is. As you can see from the taste test in this video, Prime was almost always the drink that had the most flavor and was considered almost always the best one. But when your working out I don’t really want a super flavorful drink I want something like Gatorade
    Because it’s not a super strong taste. Maybe I would like Prime just as a regular drink but not after a long hard workout. But that’s just my opinion
  • Jordan Larson
    Sweeter tasting drinks often win single sip taste tests, but when drinking a whole bottle/serving often the sweetest drinks can actually score lower. Something to keep in mind.
  • EpicJ103
    We need the sequel! Let’s see the theorist crew try to make a better (most optimal) drink to best Prime/Gatorade.Similar to the burger episode but with drinks in a way.
  • Cratersarecool
    Basically what I’ve learned from this video is that use Gatorade for the sports drink but prime as a house drink