Mexico vs. Poland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Published 2022-11-22
Mexico battled it out with Poland who previously overpowered them in 1978. The first half had a slow start with Mexico dominating on possession but could only get six attempts and one barely on target. Poland forced Mexico turnovers but was only able to get one shot on goal out of it. In the second half, Robert Lewandowski's penalty kick was blocked by Guillermo Ochoa. Excluding shootouts, Ochoa becomes the second Mexican goalkeeper to save a penalty shot in a World Cup match and first since Oscar Bonfiglio during the inaugural 1930 World Cup. The teams drew 0-0.

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Mexico vs. Poland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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All Comments (21)
  • Just Sports
    Ochoa’s save saved the nation. He’s a superpower for Mexico in the World Cup.
  • Mr. Sir
    The FIRST blocked Penalty kick in 2022 World Cup!👏🏼 ¡Vamos Mexico!
  • BIG
    Ochoa’s save was op but honestly Mexico should’ve scored. Szczesny was playing great too Good Game Poland 🇵🇱🤝🇲🇽
  • giyuwavy
    I’m not gonna lie after seeing the intensity Mexico plays with, I’m 100% sure they are capable of beating Argentina. They may be outmatched in talent but the heart they play with is visible, and Argentina just showed that they are not invincible!
  • chowderwillget1K
    Ochoa’s save from Lewandowski during Mexico’s penalty was everything! Amazing performance from both teams!
  • Serg
    That roar coming from the Mexico fans when Ochoa saved that penalty is insane!!!!
  • 3rdEye
    The GREATEST Mexican GK of all time is Memo Ochoa. Period. He’s the soul of this team and he’s one of the few reasons I think beating Argentina is possible. 🇲🇽
  • BIG
    I would never have believed that SA would be on top and Argentina at the bottom! That’s crazy 🤯
  • So many shocks this world cup so far, even the draws have been insane
  • Detfool
    Let’s go Mexico !! Love from 🇺🇸
  • Adi Adi
    Mexico played very well. I wished they scored a goal. They have two more games and I am hoping they will win one and advance to knockout stage. Viva La Mexico!! Greetings from Bosnia 🇧🇦
  • hisham abass
    Mexico 🇲🇽 is my favorite team
    Viva la Mexico...from Sudan 🇸🇩
  • manny m
    México played better than I expected, Vamos México🇲🇽
  • Normal Channel
    I was shocked that both teams tied, I expected Mexico to plow through, but Poland just defended that well, and when they had the chance to score, Ochoa saved Mexico, very well played for both teams!
  • Julio Martinez
    Ese Ochoa …. ES UN DUROOOOOOOOO ….WOW MEXICO 🇲🇽…. un abrazo desde Puerto Rico 🇵🇷…
  • Babacar Tall
    Soy un senegalès pero me gusto mucho a los mexicanos. Son un buen gente por la majoria
  • Zumasa
    Great save by Ochoa. The passion was there. But we needed results. This group is not an easy one after Saudia Arabia beat Argentina. Now we either have to win or tie against Argentina. If we tie we HAVE to beat Saudia Arabia who today beat Argentina with tactics and pressure. If we beat Argentina we have to hope Argentina and Saudia Arabia don’t win their games with a lot of goals. It’s a very tricky group.
  • King Alex
    Usually draws are boring but it was a very intense and fun game to watch 🇲🇽❤