Getting Scammed by Minecraft Terrain generation

Published 2024-02-02

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  • @yellowdicesam
    Since rek mentioned saying the word ‘like’ a lot throughout the video, I thought I might make a counter: 1. 0:25 2. 1:24 3. 1:43 4. 1:52 5. 2:03 (technically ‘liked’) 6. 3:43 7. 3:49 8. 3:55 9. 4:01 10. 4:16 11. 4:21 12. 4:26 (technically ‘likes’) 13. 4:28 14. 4:40 15. 4:47 (technically ‘likes’) 16. 5:45 17. 5:46 18. 6:15 19. 6:18 20. 6:24 21. 7:05 22. 7:07 23. 7:12 24. 7:22 25. 8:08 26. 8:12 27. 8:16 28. 8:20 29. 8:23 30. 8:50 31. 9:12 32. 9:35 33. 9:49 34. 10:34 35. 10:45 36. 11:42 37. 12:05 38. 12:56 Final count: at least 38 lol Please let me know if I missed any :D (I probably did)
  • “One equation looked like a paragraph” glad I’m a premedical student
  • @maumau22
    Rekrap sent a pipebomb to blazer's mail mid match so he could catch up
  • @deathskvll
    The word "Like" people use so much in everyday conversations. If you pay attention you notice it a LOT.
  • @amethyst5898
    7:25 i love how rek doesn’t care about the floating larval above him
  • @kiuoplya9280
    Honestly the “like”s add character to the commentary in a way
  • @liber2350
    dude your post commentary is so good, I absolutely love how smooth it is, it hardly even feels like post commentary because of how natural it feels. Very good video
  • @Random_editz100
    5:46 it’s fine rek ya said it a lot on this vid that no one notices xD also keep it up it’s so cool to see you improve so much! Been here since 10k (or smth like that can’t remeber and with dif accounts Ofc) and you’ve improved so incredibly much!
  • @Im_not_Rookie
    Boat eye is basicly: u have those cords and when u walk, ur not always in the dead center of the block, but boats tp u to the center of the nearby block, making it more precise
  • @Caramel-tn3cz
    Rekrap is so entertaining I would literally just watch paint dry with rek talking (yapping) in the background Edit: please like I was born at very young age and I didn't know anything and when I was born I couldn't see,yes I was blind and I think that has caused mental trauma😭
  • @Noahed_
    Whenever I hear someone gossip or rant in the background, I just start counting the amount of times I hear "like" with my fingers. It's genuinely surprising how often people say it.
  • Having pauses is so important when you’re speaking. Some creators will edit out every partial second that they’re not speaking, and if it’s a live commentary, it just makes the video feel buggy and laggy, and it’s difficult to listen to. Having some natural pauses where you’re not constantly speaking is crucial to having a good video, at least in my opinion
  • @NeedaTable
    Fire video I really look up too you as a speedrunner so keep going
  • @Get_Rext
    Yoo Rek You always make the end of my day with one of your vids! I go to sleep with a happy mood Thank you!
  • @AaronDoesArt
    The commentary about using the word “like” reminded me of my graphic design professor in college- he wouldn’t allow us to use that word in our presentations of our work OR for critiquing other’s work. If we said it he would throw marshmallows at us 💀