What if we replace the Sun with Extreme Space Objects?

Published 2021-06-30
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All Comments (21)
  • Precision 21
    “But the sky would look nice and brightly blue at least so that’s nice”
  • DaxMarko
    Every mythology ever had their own "Sun God" or "Sun Deity", and it comes to show how much humans love and worship the Sun.
  • Hidan Kirito
    A neutron star is so cool. Tiny yet incredibly dangerous
  • Ego
    "The black hole wannabes that just didn't have what it takes"
    Felt that one, ☢️
  • Death knight
    0:39 I don't think gravity would affect planets all at the same time though. I think the closest planet would lose the gravitational effect before all the other planets and the furthest one away would lose the effect.
  • I like how he explains the brutal death you’d go through if we changed star in such a calming voice
  • Lady Apocalypse
    I like how everytime I watch these types of videos it makes me realize we are on a floating rock with water in a big black space with no end in sight in the middle of nowhere... Makes you really think
  • A S
    Humans: Ah the sun is so nice,it gives us light and heat
  • David Ragan
    You need to do this with orbital adjustments to the Goldilocks zones I remember articles about Blanets (planetiods orbiting singularities)
  • Mari
    "Hello mortals. Our sun is such a lovely star providing us with light, heat, and skin cancer sometimes."
    Bruh it hasn't even been a minute and things are already taking a turn
  • whistlegoeswoo29
    First video I seen of this channel, instant like and sub. This is the content I need. This is the energy I yearn for
  • Mamè
    Astronomer: Omg we have just discovered the biggest star in the universe yet........ what should we call it?
    Stoner astronomer: Stephenson
  • The way "Vitamin C" changed into "Vitamin Certified Death" made me laugh so fucking hard, that was a good one
  • Kev Can.D
    I love how the video is 8:11 long, like he was really looking for a replacement during the time of light that we had left
  • R E V E R B
    I've always loved science because you can think, over and over again, and yet no matter what, you can never find the legit answer, only an answer that you are satisfied with, and even that isn't enough to stop us from thinking.
    If there was no light pollution

    Imagine the beautiful stars you see every night
  • aminyasar
    your videos are so funny and enjoyable
    keep the good work!!!
  • Red Horizon
    Americans not wanting to use metric: That’s like 700 pyramids of Giza