A dangerous government experiment 🎬 Project 12: The Bunker / Adrenaline English Action Film

Published 2024-06-01
A dangerous government experiment 🎬 Project 12: The Bunker / Adrenaline English Action Film

"Bunker: Project 12" is a suspenseful sci-fi thriller that takes viewers into the world of secret government experiments and deadly intrigue. The Russian government decides to shut down a dangerous science project that had the potential to change the course of history. Project 12 was designed to achieve extraordinary results, but its effects proved too dangerous to control. When the management decides to destroy the project, they try to eliminate all the scientists involved in it in order to avoid information leakage. However, not everything goes according to plan: a few scientists manage to survive and escape. This begins a brutal manhunt as government agents search for the fugitives to destroy any evidence of the project's existence. Among the fugitives is a leading scientist who knows all the secrets of the project and possesses information that could change the fate of humanity. He hides in a forgotten bunker, trying to save his life and find a way to reveal the truth to the world. The hunt for scientists turns into a tense game of cat and mouse, where every move could be the last.

The film masterfully conveys the atmosphere of fear and paranoia as scientists try to save their lives and government agents try to erase their traces from history. Tense scenes, dramatic plot twists and uncertainty until the very end make "Project 12: The Bunker" an exciting spectacle. This is a story trinianpal421 about courage, betrayal and the struggle for the truth in conditions of total control and danger.

Acion / Adventure / Mystery

Director - Jaime Falero
Writers - Joaquín Sánchez, Jaime Falero
Stars - James Cosmo, Joaquín Sánchez, Natasha Alam

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  • I read comments first before watching a movie. Anyone reading comments like me
  • @Credo1911
    "Are we related? Because you hit like my sister. " That is hilarious 😂 😃
  • @lewis9888
    I watched this movie years ago and I still enjoyed it this time.
  • Eric was such a hunk. It's always a joy to still see him in movie roles as commanders, usually in the Navy or Army. I remember the first movie I saw him in. He was the sensei of a dojo where he taught his students to fight dirty. I think the movie was called First Fist, but it's many years since I saw it, so I'm not sure. There was also a sequel.
  • @TheDavidPoole
    There were some good parts and some good acting. Nice to see James Cosmo. He stole the show for me. It was shot nicely. Solid 4\10
  • @user-hy8xi4pp9j
  • @WhatIsAge
    Bloody Eric Roberts AGAIN! Pitching up all over the place! 🤣
  • @user-nt6uw1xg2m
    Good movie I'm still watching in my place Jollibee shout out to the staff in this movie.thank you all
  • Low budget but well directed. Movie is a "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" type movie
  • 1st 12 minutes better than most movies made in the last 12 years
  • @dast540
    Thanks for sharing it! I always enjoy watching Great Movies though. 👍👌👏 And of course, I'm a subscriber! Thanks Again Though.
  • @mmca7288
    Good movie to watch. Thanks for uploading it xo ❤
  • @peterreman
    I made it to 37:15 and couldn't take it anymore. What interested me from the thumbnail was the Star Citizen like armor the actor was wearing. I ignored all the obvious ignorance up until the key. That key belongs to the most easily picked lock on planet earth (next to a gumball machine lock). I could have at least accepted it if they created their own key from hard drive parts or something. That was to much :P
  • @RUGRAF-rf8fi
    Decent movie. Only total unbelievable part is soldiers in a bunker 40+ yrs no food no water?? I love movie “license” to do weird things with a plot.
  • @randomeventstv
    This movie was slow moving I’ll try to watch again someday