60 Minutes of INSANE NFL Highlights

Published 2022-02-17

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  • Papa Peaches01
    My goodness Joe Buck comments on the most incredible plays in NFL history like a bingo caller in a nursing home.
  • BG RS6
    The moment you realize how tough it is being a Lions fan when their entire collection of positive highlights were decade(s) old footage of Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and black and white footage from the 50s.
  • Seattle Seahawks fan here. DK Metcalf running basically the entire field to catch Budda Baker was freakishly insane speed....and what can I say about beastmode but what an awesome run !
  • Sam Mathey
    So many insane plays. The throw Vick made to Desean Jackson on mnf is so crazy. Threw it probly 70 yards in the air right on the money to one of the fastest guys ever
  • Lifewalk
    Harrison in the Super Bowl was insane. Directly after the run he needed oxygen, I will never forget that:D
  • Evyn Bryant
    That Buff vs Tenn highlight was the most forward pass I ever seen.
  • Sam
    I love how they couldn’t just leave Richardson Sherman’s pick in there by itself. They had to include the interview.
  • Last First
    47:19 the David Johnson run is so good. Sad he never kept that pace in the league. Guy was a beast for 2 years.
  • Chase Klein
    Michael Vicks throw at 48:00 mark with the velocity it has is just unreal. I don’t think you’ll see another play for awhile who could throw it as quick as vick. He’s definitely one of the best
  • RevenantEternal
    Diggs, sideline, touchdown. One of the best calls to go with one of the best plays in playoff history.
  • Rikki Craft
    As a Seahawks fan, knowing that one play that’ll break your heart 😩
  • Myn6211
    Really loved this highlights video. Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Franko Harris, Walter Peyton, Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann, Barry Sanders, on and on and on. Sure brings back memories. Wow!. Dang I must be getting old. 😃
  • bigsirenguy
    I'll never forget that Harrison interception. I was 12 years old and it's one of the first solid memories I have watching Pittsburgh sports. The same goes for the Penguins Stanley Cup run that year.
  • Siklone
    1:14 man, I feel so bad for Larry Fitzgerald. Even as a 49er fan I gotta say, that man deserved AT LEAST 1 ring. But he had the talent for multiple. I wish I could give him the tools that AZ has now.
  • Happy Days
    7:51 Thank you for posting. Devon Hester was one of the most under-rated players. He was the only reason to go to a Bears game while he was playing. Seeing his magic again .... no words.
  • Raymond Obouvie
    I love those guards and tackles that are running for their life - we need more of those. It's magic when big boys do smth cool, not only dirty job.
  • No Accuracy
    Richard Sherman talking about Crabtree is one of the greatest highlights of all time. What a legend lol