Published 2024-05-27
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I bought Marcus Rashford's Wrecked Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith from auction so i could rebuild it. He spent $350,000 adding extras to the car and alot of them are damaged from the accident, so i now have no choice but to replace them to hold the value of the car.

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  • @YouTube
    convinced mat can do everything at this point 😭
  • @sym69855
    Is it just me or are mat's videos just really addictive?
  • @Julienthepooh
    27:24 Man, carbon fiber dust is really bad, you should wear a mask ! We still need you for more awesome projects ! Cheers from France and congrats a few days early for the 3M ❤
  • @motobg1
    Accidentally exposing Mansory, love it.
  • Dialogue of : "You don't need brakes where I'm going!!"- MA "Straight into a lamp post." -Mat (camera guy) =priceless 👌🏽😂🤣
  • Cant get enough of your content Matt. Watching from South Africa 🇿🇦
  • @markmclean6081
    Hey mat, see on the umbrella when you press the button it doesn't really fly out, it's because the holder the umbrella slides Into isn't fitted correctly, if you remove the long black part what the umbrella fits too you'll see the end of it has a point, if you shine a torch in the wing with this out you'll see a rubber grommet that the point fits into, then the umbrella will come out a lot further when you press the button, hope you see this mate love the vids🤙
  • @Nehpets1701G
    Mansoory don't exactly inspire me with confidence after seeing their premium bodge job fittings. Nice work team 👏
  • @GBO76
    Spending hundreds of thousand, and being full of joy when the F1 light stops blinking, and amazed when the umbrellas get off by clicking a button. Love it.
  • @ivofixzone6410
    Mat's dad it the star of the show. Always positive , always smiling and throwing jokes.
  • @LifeOfTom
    I've never seen a guy so stoked for umbrellas but I feel the excitement lol!
  • @TvojaMAMA77
    I’m a 27 year old woman, who has absolutely NO clue about cars… and i LOVE Mat’s videos. They bring me so much joy, comfort and interest. Plus i actually learn(ed) a lot. Keep it going Mat! 🥰
  • What I learned from this: Would rather have a car built by you than by Mansory. Would never let Mansory add even an air freshener to my car. Great job as always, you are killing it these days.
  • @caza-vb3ou
    As usual, we learn a lot from Matt. Their personalities are great which just makes the videos so much better.
  • @ttvv90
    It´s really impressive to see you tackle this big of a project! Though it´s crazy to see some of Mansory´s hackjob solutions. Also PLEASE wear a facemask, glasses and protective clothing when cutting carbon fiber. The fibers are tiny and easy to inhale and embed themselves in the linings of your lungs. They can cause all kinds of irritation and are suspected to be a catalyst for lung cancer.
  • @ConnorHammond
    I always thought Mansory kits were hideous. But I, at LEAST, expected them to be high quality builds. Hats off to the creator for making the tasteless rich, hand you wads of cash for crap.
  • @alanblaney1820
    Hats off to you Matt, nothing phases you in repairing this Roller. The quality of the original factory under the skin is questionable at best. Keep up the great work.
  • @robbey300
    I am really shocked that RR/Mansory did not buy this wreck back to prevent YT showing their work/hacks. Great job so far and looking forward to the final reveal! 😎