Did The Future Already Happen? - The Paradox of Time

Published 2024-01-30
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Is your future already written? Do your past, present, and future all exist right now? Surprisingly, the answer could be yes.
Let's take a look at what time is and how it works – in our first video of the year!

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All Comments (21)
  • @kurzgesagt
    Go to brilliant.org/nutshell/ to dive deeper into these topics and more with a free 30-day trial + 20% off for the first 200 people! This video was sponsored by Brilliant. Thanks a lot for the support!
  • @birger.vl989
    Kurzgesagt never fails to give me an existential crisis.
  • @RaimaNd
    "Me missing the bus was already predetermined since the big bang" Say that to your teacher in school lol
  • @samoerai6807
    5:37 I was SO relieved when he said “Except, quantum stuff is ruining everything again”
  • @No_direction-99
    Something I said in middle school: “you can’t change the future because changing the future was already a part of the future.”
  • Excellent video. Will have to watch it again yesterday, since I've already seen it tomorrow.
  • “The Past is far behind us, the future doesn’t exist” gave me instant chills because of the don’t hug me I’m scared reference. Loved it.
  • @CamiloRMZ
    "Weird mix of duck and mammal that makes no sense." It's such a way to roast a platypus.
  • @King_HOLLOW
    But just because we can't predict the quantum decay , doesn't have to mean that it isn't already predetermined in the way that the past present and future all exist equally.
  • @xS_aad
    I don't feel real after watching this video
  • @task_failer8223
    I love how you missing the bus is knitted into the narrative of this video. As you have missed the bus, are about to miss the bus, just missed the bus, will miss the bus, all at different points in the video
  • @hungryburger6402
    1:08 the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared reference is awesome 😂 love those little things hidden in there
  • @WordUnheard
    I've always thought of time in the same way as a book. The story exists from beginning to end within the pages. But we can only experience it one word at a time in the same way we can only experience time itself one second at a time. An unread book holds surprise and the unknown, but the beginning, middle, end, and everything in between already exist. We see our lives as having a beginning, middle, and end, but we really have no way of knowing where our "blink and you missed it" existence is in the bigger picture of beginning, middle, and end. I guess skipping ahead and reading the ending would equate to time travel in this analogy, but only a complete a-hole would do that.
  • Why does time fly when you're having fun but crawl when you're bored?
  • @dougmcfarlane
    You finally made this video . . . it's about time!
  • @HeisenbergFam
    The fact Kurz spent a month travelling to the future just to educate us about it is insane dedication
  • @shadowhenge7118
    Time isnt a dimension, its a side effect. So long as anything in the universe exists, and moves in any way at any scale, there is time.