EXTREME Prop Hunt on the Entire Chapter 4 Map!

Published 2022-12-11

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  • HomerdohYT
    That was a sick video! Keep up the good work 👍
  • RavenSZN
    Txns: Yes I Knew He Was There
    Also Txns: Continuasley Shooting Every Thing He Sees
  • FIFA player
    He just lets his friend more chances then the other players
  • TillySmith123
    I just noticed, but I was getting into the 33 players found. I only just realised that you only have five kills how did you get 33??
  • Nate:)
    I was the groot standing in the open the whole time
  • Dark_man
    Hi txns keep up the good work man ❤️
  • Can you please do another build of Siri those are one of my favorite videos you do and I think it's very cool and interesting
  • ramdomized shorts
    There was 60 people at the beginning but he really just wanted to say 69
  • GrassyRocks
    Haven’t even watched the vid yet and already know it’s fire and also didn’t merkhed say he was quoting fortnite
  • FeetFeaster
    Snag fishy do be having puberty like 73 times bro 💀
  • Ninten
    Should be interesting!
  • Melounek
    txns im gonna find 69 hiders me looking at the player count it being 61