Starship | 360 Video of Liftoff

Published 2023-11-21
Starship returned to integrated flight testing with its second launch from Starbase in Texas. While it didn’t happen in a lab or on a test stand, it was absolutely a test. What we did with this second flight will provide invaluable data to continue rapidly developing Starship.

On November 18, 2023, Starship successfully lifted off at 7:02 a.m. CT from Starbase in Texas and achieved a number of major milestones, including all 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy Booster starting up successfully and, for the first time, completed a full-duration burn during ascent.

This 360-degree view comes from the top of the launch tower at Starbase in Texas, providing a front row seat to watch liftoff of the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed.

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  • @Kuhiria.
    This is amazing. I hope SpaceX keeps up posting quality content on YouTube. I miss 4K streams.
  • @icemanu
    Impressive how much faster Starship launched this time, compared to the last first one.
  • @alfred7350
    Seeing the acceleration up close is pretty crazy
  • @bideford7099
    Please, pretty please, do both on youtube and X. I love to watch both for launches and updates. This was the best ever.
  • @ifkq
    SO rad. Please do this for every single launch and landing.
  • @ViperEye
    Those 33 raptors and their white glow really are a jaw-dropping sight. I hope to see the booster return next time. You're getting there!
  • @woomba7
    That might be the coolest rocket 360 video ive ever seen!
  • @ISirSmoke
    you really need to come back to youtube with the livestreams, twitter is dead
  • @madgaming3172
    Very cool. Thanks SpaceX. Please, if possible, show some on-board views next from IFT2.
  • @hi-q2261
    Well done SpaceX crew well done 👍
  • @rad4627
    Yes, awesome would love to see some on board video next flight if possible.
  • @0WhyNot3
    it doesn't get much cooler than this!
  • Check out the glowing edge of the launch mount after the smoke clears!
  • @ReadyPlayerEmma
    Watching this in 360 VR in 4K on the Quest 3 browser is incredible.
  • @r0cketplumber
    Seven seconds to fly its own length, 121 m... so the acceleration was about 5 m/s2, reaching 35 m/s in that time. 5000 tons doing 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, yeehah!
  • @arnauds2222
    More of this please, because the twitter video and stream quality feels like time travel to the early 2000s
  • @thespacepeacock
    Woah, this is insane! Whoever thought to install a 3D camera on the tower is a genious