50 more singles speed date in front of strangers

Published 2024-06-08
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Director: Claire Gostin
Casting Coordinator: Bridget McGuinness
Casting Associate Producer: Karsyn Hughes
Production Manager: Casey Naranjo
Equipment Coordinator: Pat Saulo
Assistant Editor: Kirsten Hoang
Editor: Robert DeBoucher

0:00 recap
0:39 trey & tala
2:49 finney & veronica
8:15 carson & kaz
13:00 tim & corinna
17:44 isaac & ella & ethan
18:52 jordan & tyler
23:45 merit & hailii
28:50 will & reno
32:55 nectar compatibility date
38:18 bonus round: shoot your shot
44:23 the results

All Comments (21)
  • @EE-hh4js
    The roommate stealing her friends date was weird af
  • @imMagic1000
    When the guy said he’s a big music fan and the girl says she’s into Taylor swift you can actually see him die inside 😂
  • @GabeGarsia
    I still can’t believe Ella and Isaac picked each other. They have about as much chemistry as water and oil.
  • “getting you from point a to point b safely would be rewarding for me.” tim is so attractive
  • @GooseCee
    "She thinks deeply" Girl: "would you kick a baby"
  • lotus is SO PRETTY and seems so nice. they're both very soft and shy this was very cute to watch. i am so happy he approached to her
  • @bba134
    that roommate relationship is about to get rocky
  • @youpuii
    isaac saying “i knew it” when ella chose him as if they didnt have the most boring conversation there
  • @erika.434
    home depot couple was so cute 😭 guy was very obvious—shy, blushing, and smiley the whole time 😭
  • Issac and lotus were ADORABLE! Like out of a wattpad story, opposite aesthetics. I can totally see him growing obsessed with her and her being shy and cute around him. He looked captivated by her truly. I mean so was I!!
  • @Ennie-of7it
    The waiting to see if they got chosen for a second date has no reason to be so long😭
  • @jennyvous
    the pick me ass roommate annoyed tf out of me, and the fact that his dumb ass picked her too lmfao
  • @Jay7roha
    I love the final couple . Alex having a crush on her because of the previous videos is so adorable.
  • @felicenobles
    How is it that the last two couples were much more interesting and had more chemistry than most of the ones that actually matched lol
  • @minas276
    9:38 the roommate saying "if one of us is into someone the other one will back off" as if she didnt just GALLOP to snatch that card as soon as she could 😭
  • @br6735
    Out of all the ppl in the room, you HAD to choose your roommate’s choice? Mental 💀
  • @annetendam
    I think Tim is one of the most beautiful and sincere men I have ever seen, and for some reason nobody in the comments is talking about it