The ENTIRE Assassin's Creed Story EXPLAINED | Assassin's Creed Mirage (2007-2022)

Published 2022-08-14

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  • @scarabyt
    I've seen a lot of comments complaining about how my voiceover sounds, so I'd like to formally apologise for being born in Scotland, I truly tried not to be, but I just couldn't help it.
  • Still after all these years their worst decision was killing desmond
  • @hottosdoggos
    the fact that the first five games took 25 minutes to explain and the next 7 games 15 minutes, says a lot about the importance of Desmond in the series.
  • I’ve always appreciated that Desmond had facial traits of Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, Hatham, and Kenway.
  • @thekattemax
    Someone pointed out how Ezio was almost just like a bridge for the information that was never even supposed to be understood by him. The message was for Desmond and not for him. But imagine how Ezio felt at that moment, realizing he's just a minute part of a big story, even though he spent a big portion of his adult life fighting for humanity all the while suffering losses. Him speaking to Desmond is just so goddamn beautiful.
  • After Desmond died, the games came too fast and all felt random. I'm excited for Mirage, it made me feel the orginal vibes.
  • @Shenanakins
    i remember people used to complain about desmond and they wanted it to just be a story set in the past and i never understood that. it was all really compelling and ezio's realization at the end of his story hit so fucking hard. In his mind he was the main character of his story and then he realized like he's a pretty minor supporting character in a story that is so much bigger than him. he was just a messenger for a message he didnt even understand. that shit hit me so hard it gave me a tiny existential crisis. He dedicated his life, and his whole family died for this all so that desmond can see all of it. Then blackflag happened and unity and syndicate and it was so confusing i was like "hmm okay i get it now. It's nonsense after all." lmao
  • Let's take a moment to appreciate how the dude summarized the plot so beautifully. So much respect for your efforts.
  • @43Disciple
    Dude I’ve been playing AC games since 2015 and never understood the modern day plot line very well (never researched til today) and you CRUSHED it thank you for helping me understand a game series I love so much. At my core I am a devout Fallout fan but AC really does hang with it. It was WAY ahead of it’s time in the first iteration, now all the more impressive to enjoy and understand. Cheers friend 🎉
  • Ezio’s uncle was the original “it’s uh me! Mario”. Pulling that shit about 500 years before Nintendo 😂
  • @fishnutz5196
    I appreciate this! After Desmond was killed off i lost all care for the modern world and simply just played them to enjoy the individual assassin's stories.
  • Odyssey is actually very important it acknowledges the existence of the gods and where the Isu came from and what they are and it outlines the events and important people that built the mold for the world we now live in and the basically first "templar" with the cult that most likely inspired other like minded organizations to rise up which eventually saw the introduction of the templar later on in the worlds history and if you want to get technical Kassandra was one of the first "assassins" in the entire games universe
  • I feel like Black Flag, Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla progressively moved further and further into time sensitive narrative story pieces. And that's not a bad thing in my opinion. Granted the AC story arc is fiction, but the world they injected their fiction into feels pretty damn accurate. I started to notice how much detail was put into the game worlds in order to make it feel like an accurate historical time piece. I would be curious to see the extent of what the developers/writers studied or who they hired. Do they have a dedicated historian they go to, Or do they contact multiple experts for each era they explore? Sometimes the games themselves feel like a history class just laid out in a different format. Black Flag taught me about the awful inner workings of the sugar trade. Learning about why so many of the salves had burn scars all over their bodies was impactful to say the least. Origins made me look deeper into how Egyptian society operated in their day to day lives, how the farming and commerce was conducted. It also made me delve deeper into Egyptian architecture, they had quite an obsession with obelisks and pyramids it would seem. Odyssey made me brush up on my Greek/Athenian historical characters like Alcibiades, Socrates, Hippocrates, and Herodotus. It also made me rethink the whole idea about how the Greeks where in their city debating about what a perfect society is, meanwhile right outside the city gates blood is being spilled. It's a stark contrast I never paid much attention to until the game kind of painted it in that light. I'm only 14-15 hours into Valhalla right now but I'm loving how it feels very time sensitive. Building my settlement so far has given me the most unique feeling of "historical value." The Architecture of each town's long-house is really unique. All of the longhouses have their own theme and unique build. I would love to see an in-depth video or documentary on what the AC team does to gather their primary and secondary sources for world building. I am thinking if you where to hire Dan Carlin to illuminate some specific times in history for the games iteration, we could end up with something magical.
  • And to think that through all this kassandra was just sitting in a cave
  • AC odyssey is a very fun game. It is the most fun I have had in an AC game since Unity. Yes it has nothing to do with the main story but I just play these games on occasion based on fun factor now
  • @bicbonk530
    Always loved how ezio caught on he was being watched “who is this Desmond you speak of “
  • @nikhil214
    This is amazing man, hope the time invested making this content isn't lost on viewers. Nice work putting this together 👍
  • @WalshieYT1
    This is going to BANG. If you don't bury my awful 2020 timeline I am going to be absolutely furious.
  • @JamieKennedi
    My friend has Vahalla and she finished it. I was so lost on the story line but this video helped out a lot. Now i have a way better understanding of the series. At this point is it safe to say that Layla was Desmond's eve. If you recall in one of the flash blacks i think Juno said you need her to go through the gate with you. Even though this was a trick, its safe to say if Layla and Desmond can figure out a way to stop this cycle then maybe they were adam and eve
  • @jonm5610
    The lore and big ass story is what makes this game so awesome. I always wanna know what's going to happen next and love how they tie religion and artifacts and Templars into it . I was so intrigued ever since the first game