Published 2023-03-10

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  • Xavier
    SET ME FREE is getting more addictive the longer you listen to it, I'm loving it! <3
  • amari
    por fin nos vamos acercando a 50 millones, youtube no nos falles denuevo
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    50M ✔️
    Vamus onces nossas menines merecem muitooo mais!!!!
  • K-pop Forever
    ¡ никогда не разочаровывает!
  • Vi Kartika
    "SET ME FREE (ENG)" by #TWICE    reaches a new peak of #40 [+76] on Circle Weekly Global Kpop Chart

    TWICE remains on this week's Top 10 Billboard Artist 100 chart at #8.

    TWICE's "READY TO BE" is now their fourth project to spend multiple weeks at #1 on the Billboard World Albums chart.

    TWICE albums have now spent 50 comulative weeks on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart

    TWICE's "READY TO BE" remains its second week at #1 on the Billboard World Albums chart

    TWICE remains for a second week on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart at #81"READY TO BE" joins to "BETWEEN 1&2" as @JYPETWICE only albums to spend multiple weeks on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart.

    TWICE's "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" has now surpassed 100 million on-demand streams on YouTube. It's the first song from 'READY TO BE' to achieve this milestone
    .TWICE's "READY TO BE" has now sold over 200,000 total units in the US. It's their fastest album to achieve this milestone
  • amari
    Después de una semana de sabotaje, al fin puedo decir 50 millones!!!! Felicidades once por tanto esfuerzo en apoyar al mejor grupo twice
  • Yes I am Min
    Pudimos escapar de ese ciclo vici0so con yt, por fin Once. Ahora hay que trabajar duro por alcanzar esos 60M, no se preocupen por cuanto logren los demás, sólo hay que enfocarse en Twice y Ready to be, ellas son nuestra prioridad. Estamos en una lucha de Once, así que demos lo mejor!
  • Can we please talk about the stylist? They've done so well these past comebacks, Twice have been absolutely stunning and I think you can tell from their confident performances how well their outifits suit them; they look happy and comfortable. Just all the members of Twice have had such glow ups, I love to see them flourish and be this successful. I hope they are also in a good place mentally, and I hope they will continue to release great comebacks <3
  • yezz
    Ya casi 50 millones!! Estoy tan feliz por mis chicas 😻
  • felicitaciones por llegar a los 50 millones!!, vamos por eso 100 millones, esta canción tan linda, debe recibir eso y mucho más 💘
  • Haitz Alberdi
    Vamos que llegamos a los 60M por fin hemos salido de esta maldición.
  • Jenina
    When you ask me what group has done their concept change successfully, Twice is my immediate answer. Their music has matured at a natural pace as they've matured themselves. No sudden whiplash concept changes, they've done it in a way that just feels right. I love this song so much!