I don't trust the Grim reaper! ||GKBP||••||GCM/GCMM||••(....)

Published 2022-06-21
hmmmm gg

make fandom for them (#IDTTGR)

Sorry, English is not my first language.
Like English is not the only language in the world, Stop thinking that everyone is always good at English! Still no need to complain again and again because it's overused. It completely disturbs and destroys my mood! I even put the WARNING at the VERY beginning IN MY EVERY VIDEOS! So you should know what was coming! instead of being rude, why not try to be nice... or just not comments at all please? like I said Since there's warning so you should know what was coming. But I will improve my grammar in the future.

this is original

(1/2) complete

don't re-uploaded my video

be aware of WARNING

Asking for today: Please try to be a lil bit nice in the comments

link song: https://youtu.be/NYppiWtisq8

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  • i watched this 2 months ago but i had to rewatch it, its so amazing! you spent so long on this and we're watching it for free. we need to appreciate that more.
    i honestly feel like i'm watching a real movie. you are literally so talented and i don't say that a lot!
    your videos never disappoint me. so far my favorites are "you're the only one for me" and this one. :) I can't wait for part 2! this is amazing

    p.s. i also can't wait for you to hit 1m subs, you definitely deserve it. still 200k away tho but you'll make it:)
  • MxchaXKrewFam
    let's all be honest, all the characters Siv ing made are just so-smegsi
  • shrek logan
    These pieces of art you create, it’s just so...I can’t describe it! The editing, the quality, and much more! I’m really impressed and this is definitely something else compared to some other glmm/gcmm videos I’ve seen.
  • Ally
    Bro this is like one of the best GCM I have ever seen. The animation is literally smoother than butter and the designs are so good. I can't wait for part 2 😃

    Also, hear me out. IMAGINE if this had voice acting I'd feel like im watching an actual show and it would increase the quality so much more (if it already wasn't so amazing)
  • Quinito Yangyang
    appreciate the fact that she never disappoints her viewers
  • deborah francis
    omg i don't even want to imagine how long this took you. It's simply amazing how you stay motivated and see your work through. 10/10 :D sending love to you <3
  • Rose trise
    Lets take a minute to appreciate how long she took to make this.💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Damn you can tell she just puts so much effort into this, I get tired making a video that's up to 30 seconds, She's making beautiful masterpieces that are up to an half hour too hours long
  • this is amazing she spent like weeks (maybe months) for this peace of art 😍 i love it! youre my favorite gcmm person!
  • Laura K.
    Najlepsze spędzone 37min i 11sec w tym dniu<333
  • soov
    whats the point of breathing when you have this MASTERPIECE OF A THUMBNAIL

    edit: ok yes, i know that the point is breathing is to live but cmon let a girl simp for grim reaper mf 😎

    and to those who are wondering how my post was before the video aired, thats cus it was a premiere !
  • Очень прикольный мини фильм😀 Не каждый гачер сможет повторить. Столько эффектов, прорисовки и очень интересный сюжет. Жду продолжения❤️
  • i could never spend this much time on one thing, the motivation you have is amazing! keep up the great work!! <3
  • Nancy ♥︎
    I must appreciate how much work she took to do this masterpiece.
  • YuviDaGoat
    once again you amaze us with another masterpiece. tbh, Masterpiece is an understatement for all of the content you've given us. The effort you put into all of these is tremendous. you use your precious time to make these for us, we cant thank you enough for making these for us! I hope you also enjoy making these, we really appreciate all of the effort and time you put to create these, Once again, Thank you & can't wait for the next one <3
  • Hearts 4 u