Wordpress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories

Published 2013-09-25
Wordpress.com: Tutorial on Menus and Submenus, and how to put Pages, Post Categories onto the menus

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  • Gary Qwerty
    Deirdre, I can't thank you enough for your tutorial. You cut straight through it, and give us what we need to get started. All I needed was to add a "Home Page" that'll be the first thing people see, and I stumbled across how to do that :
    dashboard - settings - reading

    I don't think I've ever dealt with anything so basically simple as wordpress that is so difficult to find concise documentation for. It wasn't even clear that I had to go to wordpress.com, and not wordpress.org!

    I'd have saved hours and hours if I'd have run across this tutorial first.
  • Hello Deirdre, I can't say enough to you....THANK YOU! You have truly solved my problem that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. I am not a programmer...far from that, but your instruction taught me what I have been wanting to do. Once again, thank you for sharing and helping those of us that need the help. Take care.
  • Lily Mendoza
    Excellent tutorial. Clear and straight to the point explanation. Thank you!
  • Ariana Dourre
    Thank you so much for the thorough and simple tutorial. As a person who spent the whole day going through multiple useless forums and complicated jargon, this was like a tall glass of water. Again ,thank you.
  • kiksufy
    So helpful! Thank you very much. One of the only ones from all the tutorials that is plain and simple.
  • Paul S
    I played it back again to-day and this is brilliant, Deirdre. I had been creating pages and had a default blog/news page for posts. But on my pages I was having to mess around adding things to the end of the page. Now, I can use the posts and categories to make each page a blog in its own right. I've been trying to figure this out for ages. Thank you!
  • Heather Novotny
    Thank you so much!! Just what I needed to know. Very clear concise and to the point!
  • Beverley Eikli
    Thank you! That explained very clearly and concisely exactly what I've been struggling with. Hugely appreciated!
  • Flip Orley
    Your directions were so clear and easy to follow - THANK YOU
  • Ram Ochoa
    Taking a class in CMS, this was so much more helpful than other videos about this subject. Thank you very much :)
  • Tina
    Thanks! You were really clear and helpful. Now my menu is finally working :D
  • Conny Specht
    simple and clear explained well done. ive watched some 30 min long vids and they couldnt make me understand this easily and this video only had 8 min.thanks Deirdre
  • Jaimeehickey
    Deirdre! You're a magnificent woman! Ive been looking for this EXACT information on categories! Great step by step instruction, which for me is great as i know very little about WP!

    Thank you!
  • Coach Michelle
    Finally, I found someone to explain this easily, thank you
  • M W
    You have no idea how many videos I watched to find how to combine the pages and the categories. Thank you a ton. Definitely subscribing tons of info in your videos that are extremely important that a lot of people neglect to cover.
  • TravelDiva66
    Thank you for getting to the point and being so precise!
  • The Professor
    My goodness, you have cleared my doubt I had in my mind for last 10 years. Thanks a lot. Wonderful.
  • Robert Graham
    VERY helpful. I was about to pull my hair out trying to get sub-menus to work right. You answered my question! I would not have thought it was necessary to grab and move a bit to the right. Thank you! Thumbs up.

    I may get around to asking you what you thought about doing some Brief voice recordings for my novel's website, and maybe novel trailer videos.
  • This video was so helpful and responded all questions I had. Finally!!!! Thanks a lot.