Published 2024-06-04

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  • @nizany1263
    If Niko and Chunkz ever join forces in one team, it’s game over for the other😂😭
  • @sam-17000
    The fact they swapped out Kenny 💀
  • @citrouslynx9013
    As a south american, I had around 5 strokes, 3 heart failures, and around 18 migrains watching this
  • The Brazilian guy bring a green and yellow mask. C'mon, he doesn't even try hahaha
  • @Haziq_Editz
    Chunkz pulling out a connection outta nowhere is the highlight of this episode 😂
  • @guille.p
    To my fellow Argentinian: “Library” is never translated as “Librería”, it can only be translated as “Biblioteca” What we call “Librería” it’s actually either a “Book Shop / Book Store” or a “Stationery”
  • @dfresh_
    "shapes, because i am a circle and he's a triangle" 💀💀
  • @ateezle
    3:54 AJ: "That was dry from you dej" Dej: "Well make it more moist" 💀
  • Being a Guyanese 🇬🇾, Watching these guys for quite sometime now, I really feel happy to see a south america version and my country 🇬🇾 being represented in the video. Big up .
  • @hazelwi
    Deji saying Peru because Paddington came from Peru killed me😂😂
  • @Bojack-go2dj
    Niko and Deji having marital problems the entire episode had me dying😂😂
  • @alidaghli2471
    Give Deji the bolivian citizenship 😂😂😂😂
  • 20:13 The fact that he asked if there is a game based in your country (probably thought of the tripple A hit Ghost Reacon set in Bolivia) he said "no" AND HE STILL PICKED BOLIVIA
  • @ckwong1593
    I've got to admire Niko playing against all Chunkz, AJ, Deji and Bolivia 😂
  • @Sweety16_
    I love this series 😭😭Deji saying boliva most of the rounds is hilarious 😭😂😂
  • @whostavss
    they're saying the central america is south america too 💀
  • @mrwitter4
    "It is on the main island of waffle" , blud deji's something else 😂😂😂