Every NBA Star's WORST Play

Published 2023-06-01

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  • @arandomv0rt3x
    Bro, it was INSANE when Tatum fell into the ground. Truly an amazing moment.
  • @T1memachine
    I remember the time where Tatum fell face first to the floor and made a hole but the floor somehow broke making him stuck I remembered that moment as if it happened yesterday
  • @jehzaygaming3487
    Ah yes, I remember that one time jimmy butler crossed tatum so hard he fell into the court like a looney tune.
  • @therealbb50
    People got it all wrong. It was game 7 of the eastern conference finals 2023, on the verge of getting eliminated, Jayson kept getting served L’s, and tried to hide from Himmy Buckets. Instead of leaving, he decided to change. He would become a furry. Not just any furry, but a groundhog. He tried to dig his way in and got stuck. Look at jimmy Jordan, so inspirational
  • @tannuhwithal6314
    Ah I remember that Tatum’s play; it wasn’t too long ago. Everyone knew it was “Go Big or Go home” for the Celtics after Boston trailed from a 0-3 to tied the series. Tatum decided to “Go Home”
  • @ThisKid0117
    I remember like it was yesterday that Tatum fell into the ground in game 7
  • @bmxhere8702
    I can’t believe PG blamed his teammate on that pass 💀
  • @ThingSomeRandom
    I think I know what Draymond meant. He probably meant that the play to inbound the ball and get it to an open man was smart but the play after, like him shooting the ball, was very dumb. Idk for sure tho
  • @MrNoob05
    People say its a myth but its not, Gayson Tatits did actually fall in the ground, crazy i know, everyone says he twisted his ankle but people say that cause Jimmy Buckets crossed him so hard he broke his ankles as well as the floor, he is now recovering in the loston celbricks hospital 🙏
  • I love when he put state farm sound effects on Chris Paul getting his ankles taken 😂😂😂
  • @zethroth0077
    Bro that Jordan one had my dying way to hard😂
  • @Armani-dz4ng
    Yes it feels like yesterday Tatum tried to block a shot but got faked and fell through the ground truly scary
  • @samj2519
    I hope Tatum is alright after that hard fall into the ground
  • @hhxfgbehj5931
    Bro when Tatum fell from the rafters into the ground that was such a groundbreaking moment in the nba
  • @WhiteMamba824
    I love how when Westbrook airballed the layup and can hear him be like “oh shit!”
  • Thanks for another great video. I know it takes you a long time to make these and I really appreciate all the time you take to make them. You make me laugh every time. I look forward to each up load
  • @dennismukoyatv
    I still shiver me timbers when I remember that play when Jimmy 'MJ' Buckets broke Tatum's ankles & face planted him like a turnip into the hardwood at the Celtics Arena 😮😮😮!
  • @Nas842
    I can’t believe how Tatum went into the whole arena and made it out and fucking chase down blocked jimmy butler after he jumped from half court ahhhhhh yes memories
  • @UltimateMastee
    I remember when Tatum fell through the ground trying to defend jimmy butler, thats how he got injured
  • @DarransFxckedUp
    1:10 was probably looking for one of his teammates to grab the bounce, Draymonds shooting form isnt THAT bad he was clearly bricking on purpose.